Isabella Brant

Isabella Brant
Portrait of Isabella Brant by Peter Paul Rubens.jpg
Portrait of Isabella Brant by Rubens, c. 1620–1625 (Cleveland Museum of Art)
Died15 July 1626 (aged 34)
Spouse(s)Peter Paul Rubens
ChildrenClara Rubens, Nikolaas Rubens, Albert Rubens

Isabella Brant (or Brandt; 1591 – 15 July 1626[1]) was the first wife of the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens, who painted several portraits of her.


She was the eldest daughter of Jan Brant, an important city official in Antwerp, and Clara de Moy, daughter of Hendrik de Moy. Her aunt Marie de Moy was married to Phillipe I Rubens, brother of her future husband. Isabella Brant married the brother of her uncle Peter Paul on 3 October 1609 in St. Michael's Abbey, Antwerp. They had three children: Clara, Nicolaas, Lord of Rameyen and Albert. She was 34 years old when she died of the plague.

Jan Brant;
married to Clara de Moy; daughter of Hendrik de Moy.[2]

    1. Isabella Brant, (1591–1626);
      married to Peter Paul Rubens.
      1. Albert Rubens
    2. Hendrik Brant (1594); died in youth.
    3. Jan Brant (1596); died without children.
    4. Clara Brant (1599);
      married in 1619 to Daniel II Fourment, Lord of Wijtvliet, brother of Helena Fourment


Several paintings of Brant and one important drawing of her by Rubens survive, in addition to a portrait of her by Rubens' disciple and assistant, Anthony van Dyck.

In 1977, Brant appeared on a postage stamp of Anguilla.



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