JH Djazaïr

JH Djazaïr
Full nameJil Handassat El Djazaïr
(as DNC Alger)
GroundStade Omar Hamadi

JH Djazaïr (Arabic: جيل هندسة الجزائر‎) is a defunct Algerian football club that was based in Algiers. The club was founded as CS DNC Alger (Arabic: نادي ديناميكية بناء الجزائر‎) and played its home games at the Stade Omar Hamadi in Bologhine.[1] The club has existed since at least the 1972–73 season, when it reached the quarter-finals of the Algerian Cup. That is the earliest recorded mention of its existence.[2]

JH Djazaïr won the 1981–82 edition of the Algerian Cup, beating MA Hussein Dey 2–1 in the final.[3] They also reached the final of the 1983–84 edition but lost MP Oran in the final.[4] They also played in the 1983 African Cup Winners' Cup where they lost in the quarter-finals to ASEC Abidjan.[5]


Winner (1): 1981–82
Runner-up (1): 1983–84

Performance in CAF competitions

1983 – Quarter-Final


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