Jaak Huimerind

Jaak Huimerind (born 4 May 1957[1] in Tartu, Estonia) is a notable Estonian architect.

From 1975 Huimerind studied in the State Art Institute of Estonian SSR in the department of architecture.[citation needed] He graduated from the institute in 1980.[1]

From 1980 to 1987 Huimerind worked in the state design office Eesti Kommunaalprojekt (Estonian Communal Design). From 1987 to 1993 he worked in the concern ESTAR-PREEV.[citation needed] At the moment Jaak Huimerind works at the Studio Paralleel OÜ architectural bureau.[1]

Most notable works by Huimerind are Järve Center and the Lohusalu Cafe. In addition he is the author of numerous single-family homes around Estonia.

Jaak Huimerind is a member of the Union of Estonian Architects.


  • Lohusalu Cafe, 1997
  • single-family home in Nõmme, 1999
  • Office of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia in Kuressaare, 2000
  • Järve Center, 2000, (with Indrek Saarepera, Mari Kurismaa)
  • AS Linette office building in Tallinn, 2001 (with Mari Kurismaa)
  • Single-family home in Pärnumaa, 2003 (with Tiina Kull)
  • Extension of Järve Center, 2003, (with Indrek Saarepera, Mari Kurismaa)
  • Single-family home near Tallinn, 2007
  • center of logistics in Lasnamäe, 2006 (with Anne Kose, Kertu Kaldaru)
  • apartment building on Komeedi street, 2006 (with Anne Kose, Mari Kurismaa)
  • center of logistics in Peetri, 2007 (with Andres Lember, Tiiu Truus, Liisa Põime)
  • single-family home in Nõmme, 2007


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