Javaés River

Javaés River
Bero Biòwa, ♀ Bèraku Bikòwa (Javaé), Braço Menor do Rio Araguaia
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Javaés River is located in Brazil
Javaés River
Location in Brazil
Native nameRio Javaés  (Portuguese)
Physical characteristics
 • locationTocantins state
 • coordinates
9°50′30″S 50°12′18″W / 9.841650°S 50.205082°W / -9.841650; -50.205082Coordinates: 9°50′30″S 50°12′18″W / 9.841650°S 50.205082°W / -9.841650; -50.205082
Basin features
River systemAraguaia River

The Javaés River (Portuguese: Rio Javaés or Braço Menor do Rio Araguaia, Javaé: ♂ Bero Biòwa [beˈɾo bɪɔˈwa], ♀ Bèraku Bikòwa [bɛɾaˈku bɪkɔˈwa])[1]:40, 68 is a river of Tocantins state in central Brazil. It is a tributary of the Araguaia River.

The Javaés River separates the Cantão State Park to the north from the Araguaia National Park to the south.[2]

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