Ji-Xu Xiang

Ji-Xu Xiang
Native toPeople's Republic of China
Native speakers
3.4 million[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
ISO 639-6jiix
Hunanese Xiang Cities.png
Ji-Xu Xiang is in pink. Two grey regions in the west of the pink are sometimes considered Ji-Xu-speaking.

Ji–Xu Xiang (吉漵片), also known as Chen–Xu (辰溆片), is a Xiang Chinese language spoken in western Hunan that does not fit into the traditional New XiangOld Xiang dichotomy. It is geographically separated from the New Xiang dialects that it was traditionally grouped with.


In the Language Atlas of China (1987), Xiang was divided into three subgroups. Their Ji-Xu subgroup comprised varieties spoken in the counties of Chenxi, Xupu, Luxi, Jishou, Baojing, Huayuan, Guzhang and Yuanling.[1] Bao and Chen (2005) identified five subgroups of Xiang. Their Chen-Xu subgroup included varieties spoken in Chenxi, Xupu, Luxi, with the rest of the Atlas's Ji-Xu subgroup classified as Southwest Mandarin dialects.[2]


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