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Map of the county of Flanders by Matthias Quad (cartographer) and Johann Bussemacher (engraver and printer), 1609.

Johann Bussemacher (fl. c.1580 – 1613) was a German engraver and publisher.


Bussemacher was active as an engraver, printer and art dealer in Cologne from about 1580 to 1613. His many works include several images of saints and a striking plate of Frau Richmuth Rising up from a Trance, taken from a wall painting once in the Church of the Apostles. Variations of his signature included "Jans. Busse", "J. Bussm.", "Jo Buss", "Johan Bussemec" and "I. Busem".[1]

His name (as "Ian Bussemaker") appears on a set of 13 engravings copied from Heinrich Aldegrever's Labours of Hercules and engraved by Pieter Maes; Bussemacher was presumably their publisher. [2]


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