Johannes Leimena

Johannes Leimena
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Deputy Prime Minister of Indonesia
In office
9 April 1957 – 25 July 1966
Preceded byMohammad Roem
Succeeded byNone
13th Minister of Social Affairs
In office
9 April 1957 – 10 July 1959
Preceded byFatah Jasin
Succeeded byMuljadi Djojomartono
3rd Minister of Health
In office
3 July 1947 – 30 July 1953
Preceded byDarma Setiawan
Succeeded byHadrianus Sinaga
In office
12 August 1955 – 24 April 1956
Preceded byLie Kiat Teng
Succeeded byF.L. Tobing
3rd Chairman of Indonesian Christian Party
In office
9 April 1950 – 5 February 1961
Preceded byBasuki Probowinoto
Succeeded byAlbert Mangaratua Tambunan
Member of People's Representative Council
for Maluku
In office
24 March 1956 – 10 August 1959
In office
1 October 1971 – 28 March 1973
Personal details
Born(1905-03-06)6 March 1905
Netherlands Ambon, Maluku, Dutch East Indies
Died29 March 1977(1977-03-29) (aged 72)
Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
Political partyIndonesian Christian Party Indonesian Democratic Party
Tjitjih Wiyarsih Leimena (m. 1933)
ChildrenMelani Leimena Suharli

Johannes Leimena (6 March 1905 – 29 March 1977) was Deputy Prime Minister of Indonesia from 1957 to 1966 and served as Minister of Health under President Sukarno from 1946 to 1956. A Christian, he founded the Indonesian Christian Party (Parkindo) in 1950. Following the 1965 coup attempt of the 30 September Movement and associated fall of Sukarno, he was the only politician who did not distance himself from the former head of state.[1]

Early life


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