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John Benjamins Publishing Company
FounderJohn and Claire Benjamins
Country of originNetherlands
Headquarters locationAmsterdam
Key peopleSeline Benjamins
Publication typesBooks, Academic journals
ImprintsB.R. Grüner
Official websitewww.benjamins.com

John Benjamins Publishing Company is an independent academic publisher in social sciences and humanities with its head office in Amsterdam.[1] The company was founded in the 1960s by John and Claire Benjamins and is currently managed by their daughter Seline Benjamins. Its North American office is in Philadelphia.[2]

John Benjamins is especially noted for its publications in language, linguistics and literary studies. It publishes books, as well as a number of academic journals and yearbooks, including Archiv Orientální, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, Language Problems and Language Planning, Studies in Language and Lingvisticae Investigationes.


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