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Jonathan's Space Report (JSR) is a newsletter about the space age, hosted at Jonathan's Space Page (http://www.planet4589.org/space/). It is written by Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics astrophysicist.[2] It is updated as McDowell's schedule permits, but he tries to publish two issues each month. Originally the website was hosted on an Harvard University account, but has moved in late 2003 on a dedicated domain.[3]

Started in 1989,[4] the newsletter reports on recent space launches, International Space Station activities and space craft developments. McDowell's report occasionally corrects NASA's official web sites, or provides additional data on classified launches that aren't available elsewhere.

Associated projects on the JSR web site are:

McDowell has long campaigned for U.S. compliance with the UN Convention on Registration of Outer Space Objects (1975) and UN Resolution 1721B (1961).[5]

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