Juha Janhunen

Juha Janhunen (born 12 February 1952 in Pori) is a Finnish linguist whose wide interests include Uralic and Mongolic languages. Since 1994 he has been Professor in East Asian Studies at the University of Helsinki. He has done fieldwork on Samoyedic languages and on Khamnigan Mongol.[1] More recently he has collaborated with Chinese scholar Wu Yingzhe to produce a critical edition of two newly discovered Liao Dynasty epitaphs written in the Khitan small script.

He is a critic of the Altaic hypothesis.[2]

Notable works

  • Juha Janhunen (ed.) (2003). The Mongolic languages. London: Routledge.
  • Juha Janhunen (2005). Khamnigan Mongol. Munich: Lincom Europa.
  • Wu Yingzhe and Juha Janhunen (2010). New Materials on the Khitan Small Script: A Critical Edition of Xiao Dilu and Yelü Xiangwen. Folkestone, Kent: Global Oriental.
  • Juha A. Janhunen (2012). Mongolian. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.


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