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Kainuu Sámi
Native toFinland
Extinctby ca. 1800
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Kainuu Sámi is an extinct Sámi language that was spoken in Kainuu. It became extinct in the 18th century when the Kainuu Sámi probably assimilated and shifted to speak Finnish. Kainuu Sámi belonged to the Eastern Sámi language group.[citation needed]

The original inhabitants of Kainuu were Sámi hunter-fishers. In the 17th century, the Governor General of Finland Per Brahe fostered the population growth of Kainuu by giving a ten-year tax exemption to settlers. It was necessary to populate Kainuu with Finnish farmers because the area was threatened from the east by the Russians. The immigrants to Kainuu were mainly from Savo, because of which the Kainuu dialect of Finnish is very close to the Savo dialect.


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