Kasaoka Islands

View from a hill of Shiraishi Island

The Kasaoka Islands (笠岡諸島, Kasaoka Shotō) are a group of 31 islands in the Seto Inland Sea of Okayama Prefecture. They are part of the city of Kasaoka.

The seven inhabited islands in the group are:

  • Takashima Island 高島 (岡山県笠岡市)
  • Shiraishi Island, 白石島
  • Kitagi Island, 北木島
  • Ōbi Island, 大飛島
  • Kobi Island, 小飛島
  • Manabeshima, 真鍋島
  • Mushima Island (Okayama), 六島 (岡山県)

Coordinates: 34°26′28″N 133°23′43″E / 34.44111°N 133.39528°E / 34.44111; 133.39528

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