Katembri–Taruma languages

Brazil, Guyana
Linguistic classificationProposed language family
Glottolog(not evaluated)

Katembri–Taruma is a language family proposed by Kaufman (1990) that links two extinct or critically endangered languages of South America, Katembrí also known as Mirandela of Bahia State, Brazil[1], and Taruma also known as Taruamá of Brazil and Guyana. The proposal is not repeated in Campbell & Grondona (2012).

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  • Alfred Métraux, 1951, Une nouvelle langue Tapuya de la région de Bahia, (Brésil)[1]
  1. ^ Métraux, A. (1951). Une nouvelle langue Tapuya de la région de Bahia, (Brésil). Journal de la Société de Americanistes. 40: 51-58

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