A royal charter of King George IV of Georgia with his khelrtva. AD 1222. Kept at the National Archives of Georgia in Tbilisi.

A khelrtva (Georgian: ხელრთვა, pronounced [χɛlrtʰvɑ]) is a Georgian calligraphic signature, monogram or seal, originally used by the Georgian monarchs, queens consort, patriarchs, royalty and nobility.[1][2][3]

The word khelrtva literally means 'to decorate, adorn or beautify with hand' in Georgian, kheli (ხელი) meaning a hand and rtva (რთვა) meaning to decorate or adorn.

Khelrtva signatures were written in one of the three Georgian scripts, mostly in Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli scripts, though the monograms especially the royal ones were written in Asomtavruli script. Every Georgian monarch had their own individual khelrtva and was known as საუფლოჲ ხელი (sauploy kheli) literally meaning 'Hand of the Lord'. The tradition of khelrtvas is still in use in Georgia.[4]



David IV signature.svg
Khelrtva of King
David IV
George IV signature.svg
Khelrtva of King
George IV
Archil of Imereti signature.svg
Khelrtva of King
Vakhtang VI signature.svg
Khelrtva of King
Vakhtang VI
Solomon I of Imereti signature.svg
Khelrtva of King
Solomon I
George XII of Georgia signature.svg
Khelrtva of King
George XII,
last Georgian monarch

Queens regnant

Tamar signature.svg
Khelrtva of Queen
Queen Rusudan khelrtva signature.svg
Khelrtva of Queen

Queens consort

Rusudan of Kartli, khelrtva (vect).svg
Khelrtva of Queen consort
Rusudan of Circassia
Mariam Dadiani signature (vect).svg
Khelrtva of Queen consort
Mariam Dadiani


Joseph of Abkhazia, khelrtva (vect).svg
Asomtavruli khelrtva of Patriarch
Anton II, Catholicos of Georgia. Signature svg.svg
Khelrtva of Patriarch
Anton II
Ilia II of Georgia's signature.svg
Khelrtva of Patriarch
Ilia II

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Speakers

Mikheil Saakashvili Signature.svg
Khelrtva of
President Mikheil Saakashvili
PM Gakharia signature (vect).svg
Khelrtva of
Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia
Irakli Kobakhidze signature.svg
Khelrtva of
Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze

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