Kozelets Raion

Kozelets Raion

Козелецький район
Flag of Kozelets Raion
Coat of arms of Kozelets Raion
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 50°54′0″N 31°07′0″E / 50.90000°N 31.11667°E / 50.90000; 31.11667Coordinates: 50°54′0″N 31°07′0″E / 50.90000°N 31.11667°E / 50.90000; 31.11667
Country Ukraine
RegionChernihiv Oblast
EstablishedMarch 7, 1923
Admin. centerKozelets
 • GovernorSergey Andreev [1]
 • ChairmanVolodymyr Ponomarenko[2]
 • Total2,660 km2 (1,030 sq mi)
 • TotalDecrease 46,193
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+03:00 (EEST)
Postal index
Area code+380 4646

Kozelets Raion (Ukrainian: Козелецький район, Kozelets'kyi raion) is one of the 22 administrative raions (a district) of Chernihiv Oblast in northern Ukraine. Its administrative center is located at the urban-type settlement of Kozelets. Its population was 61,636 in the 2001 Ukrainian Census.[3] Current population: 46,193 (2015 est.)[4]


The Kozelets Raion is located in the southwestern part of the Chernihiv Oblast,[5] corresponding to the modern-day boundaries of the Polissia historical regions. To its west and south, it borders upon the Vyshhorod and Brovary Raions of the Kiev Oblast. Its total area constitutes 2,660 square kilometres (1,030 sq mi),[3] constituting 8.3 percent of the total area.[5]


As part of a full-scale administrative reorganization of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the Oster Raion was created on March 7, 1923, as an administrative entity of the Nizhyn Okruha; later in July of that year, the Kozelets Raion was also created.[6] During the Holodomor, 508 people died throughout 36 settlements in the Kozelets Raion.[6]

Administrative divisions

The Kozelets Raion is divided in a way that follows the general administrative scheme in Ukraine. Local government is also organized along a similar scheme nationwide. Consequently, raions are subdivided into councils, which are the prime level of administrative division in the country.

Each of the raion's urban localities administer their own councils, often containing a few other villages within its jurisdiction. However, only a handful of rural localities are organized into councils, which also may contain a few villages within its jurisdiction.

Accordingly, the Kozelets Raion is divided into:[3]

  • 1 city council—made up of the city of Oster
  • 2 settlement councils—made up of the urban-type settlements of Desna and Kozelets (administrative center)
  • 40 village councils

Overall, the raion has a total of 111 populated localities, consisting of one city, two urban-type settlements, 106 villages, and 2 rural settlements.[3]

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