Lake Peipus dialect

Lake Peipus
prichudskiy govor
Native toRussia, Estonia
RegionPskov Oblast, Tartu County
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Lake Peipus dialect (Russian: Причудский говор) is a Russian language variety spoken on both sides of the Lake Peipus in Pskov Oblast, Russia and some counties of Estonia. It originated as a mix of Pskov and Gdov dialects of the Central Russian cluster. As many other dialects from this area, it is often considered to be transitional between Russian and Belarusian. Lake Peipus dialects also include some loanwords from the Estonian language.

The dialect has been studied and described by Olga Rovnova of the University of Tartu who has conducted fieldwork in Russian Old Believers' communities in Estonia.


Lake Peipus Russian Belarusian Estonian
to row griabcy gresti hrebcy sõudma
other inšy drugoj inšy teine
permit luba razriešenije dazvol luba
for gli dlia dlia jaoks
he jon on jon ta
Tuesday avtorak vtornik aŭtorak teisipäev
tea caj čaj čaj tee
sausage vorstik kolbasa kaŭbasa vorst

Lake Peipus dialect: Nie peckaj adiožynu, chto myt' i chystit' budie?

Standard Russian: Nie pačkaj odieždu, kto myt' i chistit' budiet?

English: Do not stain your clothes, who will wash and clean it?

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