Land of Eupen

Municipalities in the Land of Eupen, province of Liège

The Land of Eupen or Eupen Land (Luxembourgish and German: Eupener Land, French: Pays d'Eupen, Dutch: Land van Eupen), corresponding to the Canton of Eupen (see Cantons of Belgium), is the northern part of the German-speaking Community of Belgium, lying on the border with Germany.[1] Eupen is the capital of this region. To the south lies the Canton of Sankt Vith, which makes up the rest of the German-speaking Community.

In the Land of Eupen, the spoken languages are German and the dialect Ripuarian, which is also spoken in the neighbouring part of Germany and a couple of municipalities in Dutch Limburg, like Kerkrade and Vaals.

Municipalities in the Land of Eupen

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