Languages of Kazakhstan

Languages of Kazakhstan
Idioma kazajo.png
The Kazakh-speaking world:
 regions where Kazakh is the language of the majority
 regions where Kazakh is the language of a significant minority
OfficialKazakh (national/state language), Russian (official)
MainKazakh language.
IndigenousDialects of Kazakh language
MinorityGerman; Uzbek; Uyghur; Tatar; Kyrgyz; Azerbaijan; Korean;
ImmigrantTurkic languages
ForeignEnglish; Arabic (coming with Islam); Chinese;
Keyboard layout
The Kazakh keyboard.
SourceLanguages committee of the Ministry of culture and sports
AlphabetKazakh alphabets
Kazakh Braille

130 ethnic groups live in Kazakhstan, including 65% Kazakhs, 21.8% Russians, 3.0% Uzbeks, 1.8% Ukrainians, 1.4% Uyghurs and 1.2% Tatars. The official languages of Kazakhstan are Kazakh, with 5,290,000 speakers around the country, and Russian, which is spoken by 6,230,000 people. Both Kazakh and Russian are used on equal grounds.[1] German (30,400 speakers), Tajiki, Tatar (328,000 speakers), Turkish, Ukrainian (898,000 speakers), Uyghur (300,000 speakers),[2] and Uzbek are officially recognized by the 1997 Language Law, No. 151-1.[3]

Other languages natively spoken in Kazakhstan are Dungan, Ili Turki, Ingush, Plautdietsch, and Sinte Romani. A number of more recent immigrant languages, such as Belarusian, Korean, Azerbaijani, and Greek are also spoken.[4]

In Nazarbayev's 2019 resignation speech, he projected that people of Kazakhstan in the future will be able to speak three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English).[5]


Per 2007 data:

Language Percentage Script
Kazakh 74 % [6] Cyrillic, Latin
Russian 84 % [7] Cyrillic
Korean Hangul
German Latin
Polish Latin
Yiddish Hebrew
Ukrainian Cyrillic
Turkish Latin
Uzbek Latin, Cyrillic
Uyghur Perso-Arabic, Latin


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