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Latin is a 1987 double album by George Dalaras containing Greek-language adaptations of Latin-American songs, featuring Al Di Meola, Glykeria, and Alkistis Protopsalti. The album was a commercial and critical success for Dalaras in Greece, selling nearly half a million copies.[1][2] It is one of several Dalaras albums to feature Al Di Meola.[3]


  1. ^ Marc Dubin, Lance Chilton, Nick Edwards The Rough Guide to Greece 2008 -1858281555- Page 949 "Yiorgos Dalaras Latin.A 1987 team-up with Al Di Meola, Glykeria, Alkistis Protopsalti and others, plus Latin rhythms and instrumentalists, resulted in nearly half a million copies sold. Glykeria (Kotsoula) Me ti Glykeria stin Omorfi Nhykhta.
  2. ^ The Virgin directory of world music Philip Sweeney - 1991 Page 108 "Much the most important Greek artiste remains George Dalaras, a creative ... with musicians from Mikis Theodorakis to Al di Meola, who starred on Dalaras's successful double album, 'Latin', of Greek adaptations of Latin-American songs."
  3. ^ Goffredo Plastino Mediterranean Mosaic: Popular Music and Global Sounds - 2013 "Since his earliest recordings in the late 1960s, Greek music superstar George Dalaras (b. ... Al Di Meola have even featured on Dalaras's more Latin-flavored albums, while Dalaras sang on Al Di Meola's Orange and Blue album (Verve, 1994)."

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