Lautu language

Native speakers
15,000 (2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3clt

Lautu (Lautu Chin) is a Kuki-Chin language spoken in 17 villages of Matupi and Thantlang townships, Chin State, Burma.

Lautu villages are: 1. Hnaring 2. Khuahrang 3. Thang-aw 4. Fanthen 5. Surngen 6. Tisen 7. Sentung 8. Hriangpi 9. Sate 10. Lekang 11. Lawngthangtlang 12. Zuamang 13. Capaw 14. Pintia 15. La-u


VanBik (2009:55)[3] lists the following Lautu villages: Fa te, Fan tthen, Hna ring, Hriang pi, Khua hrang, Lei kang, Lei pi, Sa te, Sen tung, Sur ngen, Thang aw, Ti sen, Zua mang.


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