Leancă Cabinet

The Leancă Cabinet was the Cabinet of Moldova from 30 May 2013 to 18 February 2015. The Cabinet consisted of ministers from the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, and the Liberal Reformist Party, a splinter group from the Liberal Party, who together formed the Pro-European Coalition. The Cabinet was installed after a successful vote of confidence held in the Parliament of Moldova on May 30, 2013.[1][2]


The Cabinet consisted of the Prime Minister of Moldova Iurie Leancă (first vice-president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova; PLDM), three Deputy Prime Ministers, each representing one of the parties of the coalition, 15 ministers, and two ex officio members.

Cabinet of Ministers


Preceded by
Second Filat Cabinet
Cabinet of Moldova
30 May 2013 - 18 February 2015
Succeeded by
Gaburici Cabinet

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