Lebanese people in the United Kingdom

Lebanese people in the United Kingdom
Total population
15,935 Lebanese-born (2011 Census)
Regions with significant populations
London, South East England, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester
English, Lebanese and French
Maronite, Greek Orthodox, Shiite, Druze, Sunni, Protestant

Lebanese people in the United Kingdom include people originating from Lebanon who have migrated to the United Kingdom and their descendants.

History and settlement

Although there has been sporadic migration from the Middle East to Britain since the 17th century, the real growth of the UK Lebanese population began in 1975, with the start of the civil war in Lebanon which drove thousands of people away. The exodus was aggravated in 1982 with the Israeli invasion.[1] At the same time, many Lebanese expatriates who were based in West Africa, in particular Nigeria, left for Britain as subsequent military governments took control in those areas.


The 2001 UK Census recorded 10,459 Lebanese-born people.[2] The 2011 census recorded 15,341 people born in Lebanon residing in England, 228 in Wales,[3] 314 in Scotland[4] and 52 in Northern Ireland.[5]

Edgware Road in London is one of a number of areas that the Lebanese community has settled in and has shops selling Modern Standard Arabic newspapers, books and music. Other areas with Lebanese communities in London include Bayswater, Kensington and Westbourne Grove.[1]

Notable individuals

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