Lhotse Middle

Lhotse Middle
Highest point
Elevation8,410 m (27,590 ft)
Prominence60 m (200 ft)
Isolation0.43 km (0.27 mi)
Parent peakLhotse
Coordinates27°57′39.21″N 86°56′20.08″E / 27.9608917°N 86.9389111°E / 27.9608917; 86.9389111Coordinates: 27°57′39.21″N 86°56′20.08″E / 27.9608917°N 86.9389111°E / 27.9608917; 86.9389111
LocationLhotse, Khumbu, Nepal
Lhotse, Tibet Autonomous Region, China
Parent rangeHimalayas
First ascentMay 23, 2001
Easiest routeSnow/rock climb

Lhotse Middle is a subsidiary peak to Lhotse, and was the final eight-thousander to be summited. It is a sharp, jagged peak rising 8,410 metres (27,590 ft) high, and has been described as the most difficult peak over eight thousand meters to climb.[citation needed]

First ascent

Lhotse Middle was first climbed in 2001 by three groups of Russian climbers.[1] At the time, it was the last unclimbed named eight-thousand-metre summit.[2] Several members of the 2001 expedition had attempted to reach the summit in 1997, but bad weather forced them to abandon the attempt, and one climber was killed during the descent.[3]


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