Lieutenant Governor of Guam

Lieutenant Governor of Guam
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Seal of Guam
Lieutenant Governor of Guam Joshua Tenorio.jpg
Josh Tenorio

since January 7, 2019
StyleThe Honorable
Term lengthFour years, renewable once
Inaugural holderKurt Moylan
WebsiteOffice of the Lt. Governor

The Guamanian self-governing government consists of a locally elected governor, Lieutenant Governor and a fifteen-member Legislature.[1] The first popular election for Governor and Lieutenant Governor took place in 1970. The current Lieutenant Governor is Josh Tenorio, who has been in office since January 7, 2019.

List of Lieutenant Governors of Guam


 Democratic  Republican

# Image Lt. Governor Took Office Left Office Party Governor(s) served under
1 No image.svg Kurt Moylan
(b. 1939)
January 4, 1971 January 6, 1975 Republican Carlos Camacho
2 No image.svg Rudy Sablan
January 6, 1975 January 1, 1979 Democratic Ricardo Bordallo
3 No image.svg Joseph F. Ada
(b. 1943)
January 1, 1979 January 3, 1983 Republican Paul McDonald Calvo
4 No image.svg Edward Diego Reyes
January 3, 1983 January 5, 1987 Democratic Ricardo Bordallo
5 No image.svg Frank Blas
January 5, 1987 January 2, 1995 Republican Joseph Franklin Ada
6 Madeleine Bordallo, official photo portrait, color.JPG Madeleine Bordallo
(b. 1933)
January 2, 1995 January 6, 2003 Democratic Carl Gutierrez
7 No image.svg Kaleo Moylan
(b. 1966)
January 6, 2003 January 1, 2007 Republican Felix Perez Camacho
8 Michael W. Cruz of Guam.jpg Michael Cruz
(b. 1958)
January 1, 2007 January 3, 2011 Republican
9 Raymond S. Tenorio.jpg Ray Tenorio
(b. 1965)
January 3, 2011 January 7, 2019 Republican Eddie Baza Calvo
10 Lieutenant Governor of Guam Joshua Tenorio.jpg Josh Tenorio
(b. 1973)
January 7, 2019 Incumbent Democratic Lou Leon Guerrero


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