Lifespan timeline of prime ministers of Canada

This is a graphical lifespan timeline of prime ministers of Canada. Twenty-three persons have served as Prime Minister of Canada since the office came into existence in 1867. They are listed in order of office. (Persons leading multiple ministries are listed in the order of their first premiership).

Justin TrudeauStephen HarperPaul MartinJean ChrétienKim CampbellBrian MulroneyJohn Napier TurnerJoe ClarkPierre TrudeauLester Bowles PearsonJohn DiefenbakerLouis St. LaurentRichard Bedford Bennett, 1st Viscount BennettWilliam Lyon Mackenzie KingArthur MeighenRobert Laird BordenWilfrid LaurierCharles TupperMackenzie BowellJohn Sparrow David ThompsonJohn AbbottAlexander Mackenzie (politician)John A. Macdonald


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