Limi language

Native toChina
Native speakers
29,000 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3ylm

Limi (autonym: li33 mi33)[2] is a Loloish language spoken in Yongde, Fengqing, and Yun counties of western Yunnan province, China.


Limi is spoken in the following locations.[3]

Yang (2017)[2] reports that Limi is spoken by about 20,000 people in Yongde, Fengqing, and Yun counties. Limi speakers make up 70% of the 26,000 people living in Wumulong Township (乌木龙乡), Yongde County, Yunnan. About 2,600 members of a nearby ethnic group called "Luo" (倮族) (likely Lolopo) also live in and around Wumulong.[2]


Limi is likely most closely related to Lolopo, but also has many Lalo loanwords.[2]


Limi speakers likely migrated from Jingdong County during the early 1300s, first arriving in Bangmai Village (邦卖/班卖), Fengqing County, and then later migrating to Wumulong Township, Yongde County.[2]


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