List of Ottoman governors of Algiers

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This is a list of the Beylerbeys, Pashas and Deys of the Regency of Algiers:

Beylerbeys (1517-1576)

Pashas (1576-1659)

  • Hassan III 1576-1580
  • Djafar Pasha 1580-1581
  • Hassan III (second time) 1581-1584
  • Mami Muhammad Pasha 1584-1586
  • Dali Ahmed Pasha 1586
  • Hassan III (third time) 1586-1588
  • Hızır Pasha 1588-1591
  • Hadji Shaban Pasha 1591-1593
  • Mustapha Pasha 1593-1594
  • Kader Pasha (second time) 1594-1595
  • Mustapha II Pasha 1596-1599
  • Daly Hassan Pasha 1599-1601
  • Somiman Pasha 1601-1603
  • Muhammad II the eunuch 1605-1607
  • Mustapha III Pasha 1607
  • Redwan Pasha 1607-1610
  • Kussa Mustapha 1610-1614
  • Hasan IV 1614-1616
  • Mustapha IV Pasha 1616-1619
  • Kassan Kaid Kussa 1619-1621
  • Kader Pasha 1621-1626
  • Hassan Khodja 1626-1634
  • Yusuf II 1634-1645
  • Ali Bitchin 1645 (debatable)
  • Mahmud Brusali Pasha 1645-1647
  • Yusef Pasha 1647-1650
  • Mehmed Pasha 1650-1653
  • Ahmed Pasha (first period of rule) 1653-1655
  • Ibrahim Pasha (first period) 1655-1656
  • Ahmed Pasha (second period) 1656-1657
  • Ibrahim Pasha (second period) 1657-1659
  • Ahmed Pasha (third period) 1658-1659

Aghas (1659-1671)

  • 1659-1660: Khalil Agha
  • 1660-1661: Ramadan Agha
  • 1661-1665: Chabane Agha
  • 1665-1671: Ali Agha

Deys of the Deylik of Algiers


Dark Purple: Deys instated by the Taifa of Raises

Red: Deys instated by the Odjak of Algiers

Pink: Deys elected by the Diwan of Algiers


Portrait or depiction of the dey, if one exists

Date of rule

Years this Dey ruled


The ethnicity of the Dey is in Italic.

Algiers = Known to have been born in the city of Algiers. This isn't referring to their ethnicity, although it does mean that they were likely Kouloughlis or Algerians. Note that as information is scarce on the Origins of the Deys, some deys may have been born in Algiers whom we have no sources on.

A Kouloughli is someone of mixed heritage, through a Janissary father and an Algerian mother. Many Janissaries were Greeks, Serbs, Albanians, and Bulgarians, and the Odjak of Algiers was not solely, or mainly composed of Turks.[1]

No. Portrait Name Date of rule Origins Other titles Notes, faits marquants
1 Mohamed Trik 1671 1682 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr[2] The first dey of Algiers. He reduced Ottoman authority to a ceremonial role, and ousted the Janissary aghas with the help of the Raises.[3]
2 Baba Hassan 1682 1683 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He kept the independence of Algiers under his rule. He declared war on the Kingdom of France, provoking the Djidjelli expedition, and the first and second bombardments of Algiers. He was forced to accept a peace treaty imposed by the Ottomans, which also replaced him with Mezzo Morto Hüseyin Pasha.
Conterfan dess Mezomorto gewesten Daÿ in Algier, iezünd Capitan Bassa der Flotten dess Gross Türcken .jpg
Mezzo Morto Hüseyin Pasha 1683 1688 Spanish[4]



Sultan of El-Djazaïr After ousting Baba Hassan he declared war on France again. He was the one to fight off the aforementioned bombardments and expeditions. Unlike Trik or Hassan, he was only quasi-independent. In 1687 the Ottomans attempted to restore total control over Algeria by sending Ismael Pasha to disembark in Algiers, But Mezzomorto refused to let him. He was ousted in 1688 by a native revolt. He was appointed admiral of the Ottoman Empire after fleeing to Tunis.
4 Hadj Chabane[6] 1688 1695 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He went to Versailles to improve relations with France. He successfully made Morocco and Tunis Algerian tributaries, but he was strangled to death by the Janissary militia. He was instated by an anti-ottoman native revolt, so he may have been a native himself, but this is not specified.
5 Hadj Ahmed 1695 1698 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr Despite the fact that he wasn't elected by the Janissaries he catered to them heavily as to keep his power. He got murdered after a disagreement with the Janissaries.[7]
6 Hassen Chaouch 1699 1700 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He was forced to resign after a severe defeat in a war with Tunisia
7 Hadj Moustapha 1700 1705 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He achieved a decisive victory over Tunisian forces near Skikda, and he stopped an offensive by Ismail Ibn Sharif near the Muluya river. He failed to capture Tunis in 1705, and retreated but was caught and killed by his janissaries near Collo.
8 Hussein Khodja 1705 1707 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr His reign is marked with financial problems
9 Mohamed Bektach 1707 1710 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He was assassinated by the Janissaries
10 Dely Ibrahim Dey 1710 1710 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He was assassinated after only 5 months of ruling.
11 Portrait de Baba Ali, Dey d'Alger (par Pierre Duflos le Jeune, 1780).png Baba Ali Chaouche 1710 1718 Probably



Dey of El-Djazaïr (His official title was sultan) He eliminated more than a thousand Janissaries. He refused to accept the Pasha sent from the Sublime Porte, marking his independence. He also reformed the diwan, which from then on elected the Deys of Algiers.
Mohammed ben hassan.png
Mohamed Ben Hassen 1718 1724 Egyptian[8] Sultan of El-Djazaïr He encounered internal difficulties especially with the tribes and the corsairs. He continued his predecessor's policy on independence, refusing to accept Ottoman orders on external policy. He was killed by the corsairs, during a revolt of the latter, who accused him of favoring the janissaries.[9]
13 Baba Abdi(also known as curd abdi) 1724 1732 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He was a great defender of the interests of the corsairs and their activity. He maintained the firmness of his predecessors regarding the Ottoman Empire, refusing to let in the Pasha appointed by the Sublime Porte.[9]
15 Baba Ibrahim Dey 1732 1745 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He failed to retake Oran from the Spanish, but he also made Tunis a tributary.
16 Ibrahim Kouchouk 1745 1748 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr His reign was marked by multiple revolts
17 Mohamed Ibn Bekir 1748 1754 Unknown


Sultan of El-Djazaïr He also had to face multiple revolts. He issued an edict, limiting the power of the Janissaries (Ahad Aman)
18 Baba Ali Bou Sebâa 1754 1766 Unknown


Sultan of El-Djazaïr Thanks to the edict issued by his predecessor he had to face 2 revolts by the Janissaries, one near Tlemcen, while the other in Constantine.[9]
19 Muhammad V ben Othman 1766 1791 Probably


Sultan of El-Djazaïr He had a relatively long reign. He was very nationalistic, which manifested throughout his reign. He hunted the ships of nations which refused to pay tribute, He defeated Denmark in 1772, and Spain in 1785. The Spanish were starting to get pushed back in Oran, which they abandoned 1 year after his death. He also faced several rebellion in the Constantine region, where he appointed an energetic governor called Salah Bey.[9]
20 Sidi Hassan 1791 1798 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He was the uncle of Muhammad V, and held several ministerial positions before being elected Dey. He retook Oran from Spain in 1792.
21 BainbridgeTribute.jpg Mustapha 1798 1805 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr
22 Ahmed bin Ali Khodja 1805 1808 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr
23 Ali III ben Mohamed 1808 1809 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr
Decatur and the Dey of Algiers (1881).jpg
Hadj Ali Dey 1809 1815 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr His rule was marked by authoritarianism and cruelty. The Bey of Oran revolted against him and marched until Miliana, but the Cheikhs in his army betrayed him, and as such he failed to overthrow Hadj Ali. The Bey of Titteri got decisively defeated by the tribes of the Sahara under his rule, and the Deylik failed to impose any control over the Sahara for the next few years. His rule was also marked by several revolts in Kabylia, the Tlemcen region, and the Aurès Mountains. He was assassinated while bathing.
25 Hadj Mohamed 1815 1815 Unknown Sultan of El-Djazaïr He noticed the corruption of the Janissaries which thrived under his predecessor, and he tried to stop it, but he was assassinated instead.
26 Interview with the Dey.png Omar Agha 1815 1817 Greek Sultan of El-Djazaïr
27 Ali Khoja, ruler of Algiers 1817-1818, resplendent in a green turban and wearing a fine sword, is surrounded by the severed heads of vanquished enemies after the bombardment of 1816 (C19).jpg Ali Khodja 1817 1818 Kouloughli


Sultan of El-Djazaïr
28 Hussein dey portrait.jpg Hussein Dey 1818 1830 Turkish Sultan of El-Djazaïr The last Dey of Algiers.


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