List of The Adventures of Tintin locations

These are the settings, both real and imagined, in The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé.



North America

South America




Fictional settings in The Adventures of Tintin

  • Syldavia in the Balkans is by Hergé's own admission modelled on Montenegro,[1] and is threatened by neighbouring Borduria—an attempted annexation appears in King Ottokar's Sceptre—this situation parallels respectively Czechoslovakia or Austria and expansionist Nazi Germany prior to World War II. It is later home to Sprodj Atomic Centre, which launches the first rocket to the moon.
  • Borduria is the historical rival of Syldavia, and attempts a fascist annexation similar to the 1938 Anschluss of Austria in King Ottokar's Sceptre. Borduria is ruled by military dictator Marshal Kûrvi-Tasch, who in addition to oppressing his own people, attempts to influence Third World conflicts by sending "military advisors" to countries such as San Theodoros.
  • Khemed, in Arabia. Khemed is subject to a revolution in The Red Sea Sharks and in the Land of Black Gold.
  • Most of the events of Flight 714 to Sydney take place on the island of Pulau-Pulau Bompa ("pulau-pulau" is Indonesian for "islands") involving people Hergé calls the Sondonesians. Said to be undergoing a civil war or a war for independence and now rebels for hire, they may be based on separatist fighters of the Republic of South Maluku.[2] This was a self-proclaimed republic of seismically active islands in the Molucca Sea, whose residents fought for independence from Indonesia in the 1950s and 1960s. The inclusion of Jakarta's Kemajoran airport and the radio message from Makassar just before the plane is hijacked suggests that the location is within the Indonesian archipelago. The Sondonesians' conversations in the album are spoken in Indonesian Malay (Bahasa Indonesia). The Proboscis monkey which appears in the album is exclusive to Borneo.
  • San Theodoros in South America, a prototypical banana republic where US-based companies and Borduria (meant as an allusion to the USSR or Cuba) vie for power, with "advisors" of local generals. The capital is Los Dopicos, which is later renamed Tapiocapolis.
  • São Rico in South America. São Rico was added as a reference in a later versions of The Shooting Star. The original version had the villainous masterminds as stereotypical Jewish American puppet-masters — the later version darkens their skin tone and inserts São Rico as a reference.
  • Nuevo Rico, bordering San Theodoros. The two countries go to war over oil in The Broken Ear, which is parallel to the 1930s Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia. The capital of Nuevo Rico is Sanfacion (a play on Asuncion, indicating that it is modeled upon Paraguay).
  • El Chapo, after the South American Chaco region. The Broken Ear is set in a war inspired by the Chaco War.
  • Pilchardania and Poldavia are both mentioned in The Blue Lotus. Pilchardania is mentioned on a newsreel that Tintin views while hiding in a cinema from the police. The Poldavian consul gets mistaken for Tintin in a beard and wig in the Blue Lotus opium den.
  • Gaipajama, an Indian principality based on those that existed during the British Raj, is mentioned in Cigars of the Pharaoh.
  • Saboulistan is never used in the series, but Hergè had planned to use this new country in the unfinished "Tintin and Alph-Art".
  • Sethru and Jamjah, two Indian principalities during British Raj. A train commuted between this route. Mentioned in Cigars of the Pharaoh.

Outer Space

Alphabetical list

  • Alcazaropolis: nickname for Los Dopicos
  • Bagghar: port city in Morocco
  • Black Island: island in Scotland
  • Borduria: country in the Balkans
  • Ben More Castle: castle in Scotland
  • Chavannes
  • Dbrnouk: city in Syldavia
  • Douma: city in Syldavia
  • Eastdown: a city in England
  • Gaipajama: an Indian princely state. In the original French language version, Gaipajama is called Rawhajpoutalah and is located to the north of Delhi.[3]
  • Istow: city in Syldavia
  • Khemed: country on the Red Sea
  • Khemikhal: port city of Khemed
  • Khor-Biyong: Buddhist monastery in Tibet
  • Kiltoch: city in Scotland
  • Klow: capital of Syldavia
  • Kragoniedin: spa town on Lake Pollishoff
  • Los Dopicos: capital of San Theodoros
  • Marlinshire: location of Marlinspike Hall in English versions
  • Marlinspike Hall: Captain Haddock's ancestral estate
  • Moltus River: river in Syldavia
  • Niedzdrow: city in Syldavia
  • Nuevo Rico: country in Latin America
  • Pilchardania: mentioned in The Blue Lotus
  • Poldavia: mentioned in The Blue Lotus
  • Lake Pollishoff: Lake of Sharks in Syldavia
  • Pulau-Pulau Bompa: island in Sondonesia
  • Red Dog City (also known as Redskin City): a fictional midwestern city in the United States, featured in Tintin in America.
  • San Theodoros: country in Latin America
  • San Fación: capital of Nuevo Rico
  • São Rico: country in Latin America
  • Sprodj: site of an atomic research centre in Syldavia
  • Sondonesia: secessionist republic (unrecognised) in Southeast Asia.
  • Syldavia: country in the Balkans
  • Szohôd: capital of Borduria
  • Tapiocopolis: former name of Los Dopicos
  • Trenxcoatl: location of ancient pyramids in San Theodoros
  • Vargèse: resort town in the French Alps (also mentioned in The Valley of the Cobras)
  • Wladir River: river in Syldavia
  • Zlip: city in Syldavia
  • Zmyhlpathernian Mountains: in Syldavia
  • 26 Labrador Road: address of Tintin's apartment
  • 38 Nightingale Road: address of The Klow, Syldavian Restaurant


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