List of computer science conferences

This is a list of academic conferences in computer science. Only conferences with separate articles are included; within each field, the conferences are listed alphabetically by their short names.


Algorithms and theory

ESA 2009

Conferences accepting a broad range of topics from theoretical computer science, including algorithms, data structures, computability, computational complexity, automata theory and formal languages:


Conferences whose topic is algorithms and data structures considered broadly, but that do not include other areas of theoretical computer science such as computational complexity theory:

Geometric algorithms

Conferences on computational geometry, graph drawing, and other application areas of geometric computing:


Other specialized subtopics

Languages and software

Programming languages

Conferences on programming languages, programming language theory and compilers:

Software engineering

Conferences on software engineering:

Formal methods

Conferences on formal methods in software engineering, including formal specification, formal verification, and static code analysis:

Concurrent, distributed and parallel computing

Conferences on concurrent, distributed, and parallel computing, fault-tolerant systems, and dependable systems:

High-performance computing

Conferences on high-performance computing, cluster computing, and grid computing:

Operating systems

Conferences on operating systems, storage systems and middleware:

Computer architecture

Conferences on computer architecture:

Computer hardware

Conferences on computer hardware:

Computer-aided design

Conferences on computer-aided design and electronic design automation:

Computer networking

Conferences on computer networking:

Wireless networks and mobile computing

Wireless networks and mobile computing, including ubiquitous and pervasive computing, wireless ad hoc networks and wireless sensor networks:

Security and privacy

Conferences on computer security and privacy:


Cryptography conferences:

Data management

Conferences on databases, information systems, information retrieval, data mining and the world wide web:

Artificial intelligence

Conferences on artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Evolutionary computation

Conferences on Evolutionary computation.

Automated reasoning

Conferences on automated reasoning:

Computer vision

Conferences on computer vision (including also image analysis) and pattern recognition:

Natural language processing

Conferences on computational linguistics and natural language processing:

Computer graphics

Conferences on computer graphics, geometry processing, image processing, and multimedia:


Conferences on scientific visualization and information visualization:

Human–computer interaction

Conferences on human–computer interaction and user interfaces:

Bioinformatics and computational biology

Conferences on bioinformatics and computational biology:


Conferences on computer science education and electronic learning:

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