List of diplomatic missions of Zimbabwe

Diplomatic missions of Zimbabwe

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Zimbabwe, excluding honorary consulates. Following Ian Smith's Universal Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom in 1965 Rhodesia's diplomatic presence was dramatically rolled back across the world. By the time of the Lancaster House Agreement in 1979 Rhodesia only had representative offices in London, Bonn, Pretoria, Washington, D.C. and Tokyo. Missions in Maputo (then Lourenço Marques) and Lisbon were closed in 1975 following the Carnation Revolution in Portugal. Under Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe ran a new foreign policy which operated more closely with African, Soviet and NAM states.


Embassy of Zimbabwe in Dar es Salaam


Embassy of Zimbabwe in Ottawa
Embassy of Zimbabwe in Washington, DC



Embassy of Zimbabwe in London
Embassy of Zimbabwe in Moscow
Embassy of Zimbabwe in Paris


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