List of earthquakes in Fiji

Earthquakes in Fiji are infrequent and are sometimes accompanied by tsunami. The group of islands are positioned at the AustralianPacific plate margin.

Date Region Mag. MMI Deaths Injuries Comments
2018-09-06 Viti Levu 7.9 Mww IV
2018-08-19 8.2 Mww IV
1993-03-12 Futuna Island 6.4 Mw 5 201 Limited damage NGDC
1979-11-16 6.9 Ms Moderate damage NGDC
1953-09-14 Viti Levu 6.8 Ms VII 8 Tsunami
1932-03-08 6.2 VII Moderate damage / tsunami NGDC
1919-10-03 6.9 Ms VIII Moderate damage NGDC
January 1884 Macuata VII Limited damage / tsunami NGDC
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  • NGDC (1972), Significant Earthquake Database (Data Set), National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA, doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K

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