List of garden types

Autumn colours at Stourhead

A wide range of garden types exists. Below is a list of examples.

By country of origin

The Orangerie in the Gardens of Versailles with the Pièce d’eau des Suisses in the background (French formal garden)
Jardín del Generalife de Granada
Reflection of the Bagh-e Narenjestan (orange garden) and the Khaneh Ghavam (Ghavam house) at Shiraz, Iran (Persian garden)
The Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, China (created in 1559) shows all the elements of a classical Chinese garden – water, architecture, vegetation, and rocks
Ryoan-ji (late 15th century) in Kyoto, Japan, the most famous example of a Zen rock garden
Labyrinth maze of Barvaux, Durbuy, Belgium
Roof garden on the top deck of a multi-storey car park, Edgedale Neighbourhood, Punggol, Singapore
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, a sculpture garden in Dumfriesshire, Scotland

By historical empire

In religion


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