List of group-1 ISBN publisher codes

A list of publisher codes for (978) International Standard Book Numbers with a group code of one. (Data from published items by these publishers.)

The group-1 publisher codes are assigned as follows:

Publisher number Item number Group identifier Total possible books
From To Number of possible publisher codes Books per publisher
2 digits 6 digits 1-01-xxxxxx-x 1-06-xxxxxx-x 6 1,000,000 6,000,000
3 digits 5 digits 1-000-xxxxx-x
311 100,000 31,100,000
4 digits 4 digits 1-0700-xxxx-x
2,502 10,000 25,020,000
5 digits 3 digits 1-55000-xxx-x
25,420 1,000 25,420,000
6 digits 2 digits 1-869800-xx-x
113,894 100 11,389,400
7 digits 1 digit 1-7320000-x-x
107,060 10 1,070,600
Total Possible Group-1 Codes: 249,193 ≈401 100,000,000

2-digit publisher codes

Publisher code Publisher Additional imprints Notes
00 see #3-digit publisher codes
01 Pyramid Books e.g. ISBN 1-01-502772-5
02 Berkley Publishing e.g. ISBN 1-02-541870-0
03 ?
04 Popular Library e.g. ISBN 1-04-500045-0
05 DAW Books e.g. ISBN 1-05-100237-0
06 Uncertain Celestial Publications e.g. ISBN 1-06-834424-5
07 Uncertain Scholastic Books e.g. ISBN 1-07-223052-6
07~09 see #4-digit_publisher_codes

3-digit publisher codes

Publisher code Publisher Additional imprints Notes
000~009 ?
010~069 see #2-digit_publisher_codes
070~099 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
100~104 ?
105 Lulu.com
107 Cambridge University Press
111 Delmar
118 For Dummies
138 Routledge
150–154 General Books, LLC Memphis, Tennessee, US; Also: 1-4432, 1-4589, 1-4590, 1-77045
178 Verso
226 University of Chicago Press
319 MacMillan
337 Cengage
338 Scholastic Since 2016
339~367 ?
368 Disney Los Angeles, CA
369~397 ?
398~399 see #4-digit_publisher_codes

4-digit publisher codes

Publisher code Publisher Additional imprints Notes
0000~0099 see #3-digit_publisher_codes
0100~0699 see #2-digit_publisher_codes
0700~0999 ?
1000~3979 see #3-digit_publisher_codes
3980~3999 ?
4000 Random House Anchor Books; Vintage Books; Alfred A. Knopf; Crown Publishing Group
4003 Thomas Nelson
4012 DC Comics New York
4013 Miramax Books Hyperion
4020 Springer Netherlands and Berlin office
4021 Adamant Media Corporation Boston, US
4027 Sterling Publishing New York, US
4039 Palgrave Macmillan
4049 Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
4050 Macmillan Publishers London, UK
4051 Blackwell Publishing Oxford, England, UK
4052 Egmont UK London, England, UK
4053 Dorling Kindersley London, UK
4054 Parragon Bath Often improperly spaced (40544- and 40547-)
4055 Time Warner Audiobooks
4057 LexisNexis London, England, UK
4058 Pearson Education Harlow, UK
4071 Scholastic New York, USA
4073 Archeopress Oxford, England
4075 Parragon Bath, UK
4080 Cengage Learning Boston, Massachusetts, USA
4081 Bloomsbury Publishing John Wisden & Co. London, England
4088 Bloomsbury Publishing London, UK
4089 Harlequin Mills & Boon possibly only used for their ebooks
4091 Orion Books London, UK
4093 Dorling Kindersley London, UK
4098 Department for Communities and Local Government London, UK
4099 Dodo Press Gloucester, England
4102 University Press of the Pacific or, occasionally, Combat Studies Institute and USACGSS Combat Studies Institute and USACGSS are located at Fort Leavenworth, KS, US
4107 Authorhouse
4114 Spark Publishing New York, US, aka Sparknotes, a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble.
4120 Trafford Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
4127 Publications International Lincolnwood, Illinois, US
4128 Transaction Publishers New Brunswick, New Jersey, US
4129 SAGE Publications Pine Forge Press, Corwin Press Los Angeles, California, US
4133 U.S. Government, Dept. of Interior Found on DOI report
4134 Xlibris Bloomington, Indiana, US; Print on demand
4139 A.D. Vision, Inc.
4143 Tyndale
4157 Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Animation
4158 LifeWay Press
4160 Saunders Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US; Imprint of Elsevier
4165 Simon & Schuster
4169 Simon & Schuster New York, US
4170 Universal Studios
4185 Thomas Nelson
4196 BookSurge Charleston, South Carolina, US; Print on demand
4197 Amulet Books An imprint of Abrams New York
4198 Warner Bros. Entertainment
4200 CRC Press Boca Raton, Florida, US
4210 FUNimation Productions, Ltd.
4215 VIZ Media, LLC
4231 Disney Editions New York, US
4244 IEEE
4248 Sony Picture Home Entertainment
4249 ServiceOntario? Found on a road map of Ontario
4250 ReadHowYouWant
4253 Kessinger Publishing also: 1-56456 and 0-7661
4264 BiblioBazaar, now part of Amazon.com
4268 Harlequin Mills & Boon
4262 National Geographic Society Washington, D.C.
4278 TOKYOPOP Inc.
4288 Rico Publications US
4292 W.H. Freeman and Company New York, US
4302 Apress Berkeley, California, USA
4335 Crossway
4343 AuthorHouse
4351 Barnes & Noble New York, US
4354 Cengage Learning
4359 Sony Picture Home Entertainment
4377 Saunders Elsevier imprint
4384 State University of New York Albany, New York, US
4331 Peter Lang Publishing New York, US
4392 Booksurge Publishing Charleston, South Carolina, US
4398 Productivity Press Now an imprint of CRC Press New York, US
4399 Temple University Press Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
4405 Adams Media / Simon & Schuster
4419 Springer
4426 University of Toronto Press Toronto, Ontario, Canada
4432 General Books, LLC Memphis, Tennessee, US; Also: 1-150 to 1-154, 1-4589, 1-4590, 1-77045
4438 Cambridge Scholars Publishing Newcastle, England
4447 Hodder & Stoughton Sceptre London, UK
4454 Parragon Bath, UK
4456 Amberley Publishing Stroud, UK
4457 Lulu.com
4461 Lulu.com Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
4509 General Books, LLC Memphis, Tennessee, US; Also: 1-150 to 1-154, 1-4432, 1-4590, 1-77045
4516 Simon & Schuster New York City
4576 Bedford-St. Martin's: an imprint of MacMillan
4590 General Books, LLC Memphis, Tennessee, US; Also: 1-150 to 1-154, 1-4432, 1-4509, 1-77045
4592 Harlequin
4627 CrossBooks A division of LifeWay, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403
4635 Renown Publishing (via Create Space) Redding, California, US <https://sites.google.com/site/renownpublishing>
4644 Enslow Publishers, Inc. Berkeley Heights, New Jersey US
4723 Parragon Bath, UK
4725 Bloomsbury Publishing London, UK
4729 Bloomsbury Publishing London, UK
4730 Open University Milton Keynes, UK
4736 Hodder & Stoughton London, UK
4738 Pen and Sword Books Barnsley, UK
4742 Bloomsbury Publishing London, UK
4781 Create Space Registered as: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
4843 Tyndale House Publishers
4921 Create Space (via Amazon.com)
5098 Pan Macmillan Picador London, UK
5332 Create Space (via Amazon.com) apparently on behalf of City of Citrus Heights History and Arts Commission
5333~5411 ?
5412 KDP (was Create Space via Amazon.com)
5413~5499 ?
5500~7169 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
7170~7190 ?
7191 Create Space (via Amazon)
7192~7319 ?
7320~7399 see #7-digit_publisher_codes
7400~7749 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
7750~7753 see #7-digit_publisher_codes
7754~7899 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
7900~7999 ?
8000~8697 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
8698~9159 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
9160~916505 see #7-digit_publisher_codes
916506~9729 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
9730~9752 ?
9753 Yen Press New York City, USA
9754~9877 ?
9878~9989 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
9990~9999 see #7-digit_publisher_codes

5-digit publisher codes

Publisher code Publisher Notes
55000~55021 ?
55022 ECW Press Toronto, Ontario, Canada
55041 Fitzhenry & Whiteside Ltd. Markham, Ontario, Canada
55046 Boston Mill Press Erin, Ontario, Canada
55054 Douglas & McIntyre Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
55081 Breakwater Books Ltd.
55105 Lone Pine Publishing
55111 Broadview Press
55125 Van Well Publishing Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
55164 Black Rose Books Montreal, Quebec, Canada; London, UK
55166 MIRA; Harlequin
55186 Polestar Calendars Ltd. Winlaw, British Columbia, Canada
55198 MapArt Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
55209 Firefly Books
55245 Coach House Books Toronto, Ontario, Canada
55263 Key Porter Books Toronto, Ontario, Canada; also 1-55267
55267 Key Porter Books (Prospero Books) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; also 1-55263
55278 McArthur & Co Toronto, Ontario, Canada
55285 Whitecap Books North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
55297 Firefly Books Buffalo, New York, US
55322 Captus Press Concord, Ontario, Canada (earlier Toronto, ON, Canada)
55380 Ronsdale Press Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
55407 Firefly Books Buffalo, New York, US/Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
55444 Quality Special Products
55486 Canadian Cartographics Corporation Markham, Ontario, Canada
55488 Dundurn Press Toronto, Ontario, Canada
55570 Neal-Schuman Publishers New York, US
55583 Alyson Books Los Angeles, California; Boston, Massachusetts, US; also 0-932870
55587 Lynne Rienner Publishers Boulder, Colorado, US
55597 Graywolf Press St. Paul, Minnesota, US
55615 Microsoft Press Redmond, Washington, US
55634 Steve Jackson Games, Inc. Austin, Texas, US
55642 SLACK Incorporated Thorofare, New Jersey, US
55652 A Cappella Book imprint of Chicago Review Press, Inc.
55665 Fireside Bibles
55704 Newmarket Press New York, US
55722 Warner Home Video, Incorporated
55725 Paraclete Press
55739 Blair and Associates
55742 Starmont House, Inc (also Borgo Press) Mercer Island, Washington, US
55748 Barbour Books
55778 Parragon House Publishers
55783 Applause Books New York, US
55788 HPBooks New York, US
55821 The Lyons Press New York, US
55832 The Harvard Common Press
55840 The Criterion Collection/Janus Films
55849 University of Massachusetts Press Amherst, Massachusetts, US
55851 M&T Publishing Redwood City, California, US
55852 National Press Publications Shawnee Mission, Kansas, US
55861 The Feminist Press New York City, US
55870 F+W Cincinnati, Ohio, and New York City, US
55890 Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc.
55902 Aerie Books Ltd.
55963 Island Press Washington, Covelo, London
56013 Olde Soldier Books Gaithersburg, Maryland, US
56039 Warner Home Video
56076 Wizards of the Coast formerly TSR, Inc. (aka TSR Hobbies, aka Tactical Studies Rules)
also assigned other ISBN 0- and 1- publisher codes
56085 Signature Books Salt Lake City, Utah, US
56098 Smithsonian Institution Press Washington DC, US
56101 Cowley Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
56138 Courage Books Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
56145 Peachtree Publishers Atlanta, Georgia, US
56159 Macmillan London
56173 Publications International Lincolnwood, Illinois, US
56205 New Riders
56219 Central Park Media
56239 ABDO Publishing Company Minneapolis, Minnesota
56261 Avalon Travel Publishing Emeryville, California, US
56333 Masquerade Books; Rhinoceros Books; Rosebud Books
56367 Fairchild Books Inc. New York, US
56389 DC Comics New York, US
56456 Kessinger Publishing also: 1-4253 and 0-7661
56458 Dorling Kindersley New York, US
56476 Chariot Victor Publishing, now part of David C. Cook
56496 Rockport Publishing
56512 Algonquin Books Chapel Hill
56545 Music Educators National Conference Reston, Virginia, US
56548 New City Press
56563 Hendrickson Publishers
56567 AnimEigo
56591 Hollym International Corp. Hollym (publishing house) Elizabeth, New Jersey, US and Seoul, Korea
56605 Rhino Home Video
56608 Meriweather Publishing Englewood, Colorado, US
56686 Brady Games Indianapolis, Indiana, US
56698 ACTEX Publications Winsted, Connecticut, US
56726 Management Concepts Vienna, Virginia, US
56730 New Yorker Video from a DVD
56792 David R. Godine, Publisher Boston, Massachusetts, US
56793 HAP/AUPHA: Health Administration Press / Association of University Programs in Health Administration Chicago, IL
56821 Jason Aronson imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
56836 Kodanska International New York, US
56849 Buccaneer
56854 Liturgy Training Publications
56881 A. K. Peters Wellesley, Massachusetts, US
56929 Pastoral Press, now part of Oregon Catholic Press
56931 VIZ Media, LLC
56955 Charis Books
56975 Ulysses Press Berkeley, California, US
56976 Chicago Review Press Chicago, Illinois, US
56980 Barricade Books, Inc.
57008 Deseret Book Salt Lake City, Utah, US; also 0-87579 and 1-59038
57032 Nozomi Entertainment/RightStuf!
57035 Sopris West Educational Services Longmont, Colorado, US
57058 Ignatius Press
57075 Orbis Books
57141 Runaway Spoon Press Port Charlotte, Florida, UA
57224 New Harbinger Publications, Inc. Oakland, CA
57230 Guildford Press
57231 Microsoft Press Redmond, Washington, US
57293 Discovery House Publishers affiliated with RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, Michigan
57322 Riverhead Books a member of Penguin Putnam
57330 Epic Music Video
57387 Information Today, Inc Medford, New Jersey, US
57423 Black Sparrow Books – an imprint of David R. Godine, Publisher Boston, Massachusetts, US
57455 USCCB Publishing United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
57482 Search Institute Press Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
57488 Potomac Books Dulles, Virginia, US; additional imprint: Brassey's
57506 Eisenbrauns (also 0-9667840)
57583 Twin Sisters
57610 The Coriolis Group A division of Penguin Group (USA)
57673 Random House Multnomah Publishers
57675 Berrett-Koehler Publishing San Francisco, California, US
57731 New World Library Novato, California, US
57766 Waveland Press, Inc. Long Grove, Illinois, US
57800 Software Sculptors imprint of Central Park Media
57805 Sierra Club Books San Francisco, California, US
57813 A.D. Vision, Inc.
57856 Random House
57859 Visible Ink Press Canton, Michigan, US
57863 Weiser Books US
57912 Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers New York, US
57918 Queenship Publishing Company
57954 Rodale
57965 Artisan New York, US
57989 Sirius Entertainment US
57990 Lark Books a division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
57992 Garratt Publishing
57999 GIA Publications
58005 Seal Press
58008 Ten Speed Press Berkeley, California, US
58011 Creative Homeowner Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, US
58023 Jewish Lights Publishing
58042 Cardoza Publishing Paradise, Nevada
58062 Adams Media Corporation / Simon & Schuster Avon, Massachusetts, US
58083 Stampley
58115 Allworth Press
58134 Crossway Books A Division of Good News Publishers; Wheaton, Illinois
58194 Gleim Publications, Inc Gainesville, Florida, US
58197 XAMonline Melrose, Massachusetts, US
58234 Bloomsbury Publishing New York and London
58246 Tricycle Press Berkeley, California, US / Toronto, Ontario, Canada (imprint of Ten Speed Press 1-58761)
58322 Seven Stories Press
58330 Feldheim Publishers Jerusalem
58354 Bandai Entertainment
58367 Monthly Review Press New York, US
58388 Iconografix Hudson WI, US
58391 Psychology Press
58428 Amherst Media, U.S. Amherst, US
58450 Charles River Media Hingham, Massachusetts, US
58459 World Library
58456 Oak Knoll Press New Castle, Delaware, US
58465 University Press of New England Hanover/Lebanon, New Hampshire
58488 Chapman and Hall/CRC
58542 Jeremy P. Tarcher A division of Penguin; New York
58595 Twenty-Third Publications a division of Bayard
58617 Ignatius Press
58640 Holman Bible Publishers
58648 PublicAffairs New York, US
58655 Media Blasters (AnimeWorks, Kitty Video, Tokyo Shock)
58663 Spark Publishing New York, US
58664 Central Park Media
58713 Cisco Press Indianapolis, Indiana, US
58761 Ten Speed Press Berkeley, California, US
58817 Trimark Home Video
58829 Humana Press Springer imprint
58838 NewSouth Books Montgomery, Alabama, US
58939 Virtualbookworm Publishing
58948 Ersi Press Redlands, California, US
58971 DEJ Productions
58997 Tyndale
59028 William, James & Co Imprint of Franklin, Beedle & Associates; Sherwood, Oregon, US
59038 Deseret Book Salt Lake City, Utah, US; also 0-87579 and 1-57008
59052 Waterbrook Multnomah
59059 Apress New York 10013, US
59078 Boyd's Mills Press
59116 VIZ Media, LLC
59145 Integrity Publishers, part of Thomas Nelson Publishers
59182 TOKYOPOP Inc.
59185 Charisma House
59223 Thunder Bay Press San Diego, California, US
59240 Gotham Books spaced as 1-592-40...
59241 First Look Studios, Inc.
59253 Rockport Publishing
59257 Alpha, part of Penguin Group
59276 Our Sunday Visitor
59308 Barnes & Noble Classics New York, US
59317 Warner Press
59325 Word Among Us Press
59327 No Starch Press San Francisco, California 94103, US
59333 Gorgias Press Piscataway, New Jersey 08855-6939, US
59376 Soft Skull
59385 The Guilford Press New York, US
59409 Bandai Entertainment Inc.
59417 Scepter Publishers
59435 Lions Gate Films
59444 Genius Products LLC.
59445 Genius Products LLC.
59451 Paradigm Publications (trade name of Birkenkamp & Co.) Boulder, Colorado, US
59460 Carolina Academic Press Durham, North Carolina, US
59471 Ave Maria Press
59496 Teora US Capitol Heights, Maryland US
59569 Mondial New York, US
59580 Santa Monica Press Santa Monica, California, US
59582 Dark Horse Manga
59594 WingSpan Publishing Livermore, California, US
59596 Changeling Press, LLC
59614 Marians of the Immaculate Conception
59637 Silverback Books
59726 Island Press Washington, D.C., US
59756 Plural Publishers San Diego, California
59780 Night Shade Books San Francisco, California, US
59788 Xenon Pictures, Inc. Santa Monica, California 90401
59812 Nintendo of America Incorporated Redmond, Washington, US
59874 Left Coast Press Walnut Creek, California, US
59883 Media Blasters
59922 Twin Sisters
59941 Foundation Press
59982 Saint Mary's Press
60126 Masthof Press Morgantown, Pennsylvania, US
60135 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
60142 Multnomah Books
60239 Skyhorse Publishing, Inc New York, US
60342 Storey Publishing North Adams, Massachusetts, US
60399 Sidetrack Films division of Vivendi Visual Entertainment
60406 Thieme Medical Publishers
60426 CQ Press Washington, D.C., US
60478 Zagat Survey New York, US
60486 PM Press Oakland, California, US
60496 Bandai Entertainment Inc.
60547 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
60566 Information Science Reference Hershey, Pennsylvania, US
60606 J. Paul Getty Museum and Getty Research Institute Los Angeles, California, US; also 0-89236
60623 Guilford Press New York, US
60649 Business Expert Press New York, US
60660 Calla Editions Mineola, New York, US; an imprint of Dover Publications
60670 Dolores Press San Francisco, California, US
60831 Wolters Kluwer Health (US) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
60876 Nova Science Publishers New York
60918 Guilford Press New York, US
61053 Blackbird Books New York, US; Los Angeles, California, US
61197 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
61262 Kodansha USA
61324 Nova Science Publishers New York, US
61530 Britannica Educational Publishing New York, US
61615 Sentai Filmworks
61634 Simply Charlotte Mason Grayson, Georgia, US
61636 Franciscan Media Cincinnati, Ohio, US
61638 FrontLine Lake Mary, Florida, US
61988 Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Pelham, New York, USA
62079 Cherry Hill Publishing Ramona, California, US
62224 Warner Home Video, Incorporated
62249 The Educational Publisher Inc./Zip Publishing/Biblio Publishing Columbus, Ohio, US
62404 Warner Home Video, Incorporated
62692 Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC Los Angeles, California, USA
62698 Orbis Books Maryknoll, New York, US
62700 Kalmbach Publishing Company Waukesha, Wisconsin, US
62738 Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Pelham, New York, USA
62997 The Great Courses Chantilly, Virginia, US
63065 Pukiyari Editores/Publishers Gahanna, Ohio, US
63236 Kodansha USA Publishing, LLC
63248 A.D. Vision Inc.
63591 Pulp-Lit Inc. Corvallis, Oregon, USA
64275 Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC Los Angeles, California, USA
68155 Cloanto
68255 Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Pelham, New York, USA
68256~71699 ?
71700~73199 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
73200~73999 see #7-digit_publisher_codes
74000~74109 ?
74110 New Holland Publishers London, UK
74175 Allen & Unwin Crows Nest, NSW, Australia
74179 Lonely Planet Publications pty Melbourne, Vic, Australia
74220 Lonely Planet Publications pty Melbourne, Vic, Australia
74237 Allen & Unwin Crows Nest, Australia
74257 New Holland Publishers London, UK
74305 Wakefield Press Adelaide, Australia
77045 General Books, LLC Memphis, Tennessee, US; Also: 1-150 to 1-154, 1-4432, 1-4589, 1-4590
77007 Struik
77008~77499 ?
77500~77539 see #7-digit_publisher_codes
77540~78001 ?
78002 The Criterion Collection/Janus Films
78007 Open University Milton Keynes, UK
78022 Orion Books London, UK
78026 New Internationalist Publications Oxford, UK
78032 Zed Books London, UK
78068 Intersentia Publishing Cambridge, England
78125 Profile Books Ltd London, England
78131 Aurum Press London, UK
78145 Ammonite Press Lewes, UK
78168 Verso Books London, UK
78201 Evertype Dundee, Scotland (Portlaoise, Ireland until 2018-02; Westport, Ireland until 2014-03; previous series 1-904808 completed 2012)
78243 Michael O'Mara Books London, UK
78249 Ryland Peters & Small London, England; New York, US
78329 Titan Books London, England
78341 Priddy Books London, UK
78389 Future plc Bournemouth, UK
78404 Arcturus Publishing London, UK
78470 Vintage Books (imprint of Random House) London, UK
78472 Octopus Books London, UK
78578 Icon Books London, UK
78579 Carousel Calendars Exeter, UK
78713 Quadrille Publishing London, UK
78800 Nosy Crow London, UK
78881 The Criterion Collection/Janus Films
78882~78953 ?
78954 Head of Zeus Ltd Imprints Apollo, Anima, HoZ Fiction, Aria, Aries, Zephyr
78955~78999 ?
79000~79999 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
80000~83999 ?
84000 Mitchell Beazley London, UK
84002 Oberon Books, Ltd London, UK
84011 Templar Publishing Dorking, UK
84013 Grange Books Hoo, Kent, UK
84022 Wordsworth Editions Ware, England
84023 Titan Books London, England
84024 Summersdale Publishers Chichester, UK
84028 Marshall Publishing London, UK
84033 Stenlake Publishing Catrine, UK
84037 Air Life Publishing Shrewsbury, UK
84046 Icon Books Cambridge, England
84049 Local Government Association London, UK
84067 Caxton Editions London, UK; also 0-86176
84068 Creation Books
84081 Sebastian Kelly Oxford, UK
84084 Dempsey Parr Bristol, UK
84091 Conran Octopus London, UK
84092 Apple Press London, UK
84100 Quadrillion Publishing Surrey, England
84104 The Memoir Club Spennymoor, England
84113 Hart Publishing Oxford, UK
84114 Halsgrove Tiverton, Devon, UK
84115 Harper Perennial London, UK
84116 Economic & Financial Publishing Henley-on-Thames, England
84119 Constable & Robinson London, UK
84126 Meyer & Meyer Maidenhead, England
84139 Compass Maps Bath, UK
84149 Orbit Books Victoria Embankment, London
84150 Intellect Bristol, England
84151 Alan Godfrey Maps Also 0-85054; also 0-907554; also 1-84784
84157 Thomas Cook Publishing Peterborough, UK
84158 Birlinn Edinburgh, Scotland; also 1-84341
84164 Parragon Bath, UK
84169 Psychology Press Hove, England; New York, US (Taylor & Francis imprint)
84172 Ryland Peters & Small London, England; New York, US
84176 Osprey Publishing Oxford, UK; also 1-84603 and 0-85045
84177 Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Cheltenham, England
84179 Paragon Publishing Trowbridge, UK
84185 Department for Education and Employment London, UK
84195 Canongate Books Edinburgh, UK
84217 Oxbow Books Oxford, England
84219 Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Coventry, UK
84222 Carlton Publishing Group London, UK
84239 Alligator Books London, UK
84275 Politico's Publishing London, England
84277 Zed Books London, England and New York
84311 Informa Telecoms & Media London, England
84317 Michael O'Mara Books London, UK
84318 GTI Specialist Publishers Preston Crowmarsh, UK
84330 New Holland Publishers London, UK
84334 Chandos Publishing Albington, England (part of Woodhead Pub.)
84340 Anova Books UK
84341 Birlinn Edinburgh, Scotland; also 1-84158
84348 Geographers' A-Z Map Company Borough Green, UK
84353 Rough Guides London, England
84354 Atlantic Books London, England – alloc. complete Jan 2010
84359 National Trust Swindon, UK
84368 Pallas Athene London, UK
84373 The Work Foundation UK
84383 Boydell & Brewer also Boydell Press Woodbridge
84388 Department for Work and Pensions London, UK
84398 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Wimbledon, UK
84400 Quadrille Publishing London, England
84401 Athena Press London, England
84407 Earthscan London, England
84408 Virago Press London, England
84413 Century, The Random House Group
84415 Pen & Sword; Leo Cooper Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK
84425 Haynes Publishing Group Sparkford, UK
84437 Arris Publishing Moreton-in-Marsh, England
84445 Learning Matters Ltd Exeter, England
84449 Omnibus Press a division of Book Sales Limited
84454 John Blake Publishing London, England
84465 Acumen Publishing Durham, UK
84467 Verso Books London, UK
84468 Pen & Sword Books Barnsley, England
84476 Southwater London, England; imprint of Anness Publishing
84477 Hermes House London, England; imprint of Anness Publishing
84490 Which? London, UK
84502 Black & White Publishing Edinburgh, UK
84511 I.B. Tauris London, England
84513 Aurum Press London, UK
84519 Sussex Academic Press Eastbourne, England
84520 Berg Oxford, UK
84525 Think Books London, UK
84528 How To Books Begbroke, Oxford, England
84529 Constable & Robinson London, England
84533 Octopus Publishing Group London, England
84537 New Holland Publishers London, UK
84541 Channel View Publications Bristol, England
84545 Berghahn Books New York, US
84549 Abramis Academic Publishing Bury St. Edmunds, England
84564 WIT Press Ashurst, England
84569 Woodhead Publishing Ltd. Abington, Cambridge, England
84576 Titan Books London, England
84584 Veloce Publishing Dorchester, England
84588 nonsuch Publishing Stroud
84589 The Francis Frith Collection Teffont, UK
84590 Crown House Publishing Bancyfelin, Wales; & Bethel, Connecticut, US
84593 CABI Wallingford, England
84603 Osprey Publishing Botley, Oxford, England; also 1-84176 and 0-85045
84605 Random House also 0-09
84607 BBC Books London, UK
84608 Transport Research Laboratory Wokingham, UK
84614 Penguin Books London, UK
84624 Book Guild Publishers Brighton, England
84631 Liverpool University Press Liverpool, England
84640 J. Salmon Sevenoaks, UK
84661 Jordan Publishing Ltd Bristol, UK. Imprints: Family Law
84668 Profile Books Ltd London, England
84674 Countryside Publications Newbury, Berkshire, UK
84694 Zero Books Winchester, England
84695 Department for Work and Pensions London, UK
84703 Thomson Reuters (Legal) Ltd London, UK
84706 Baylor University Press Waco, Texas, US
84708 Granta Publications London, UK
84710 Kaplan Publishing UK Wokingham, UK
84716 Straightforward Publishing Lewes, UK
84719 Packt Birmingham, England
84728 Lulu.com London, England
84732 Carlton Books London, England
84739 Simon and Schuster (UK) London, England
84742 The Policy Press Bristol, England
84747 Chipmunkapublishing Brentwood, England
84755 Royal Society of Chemistry Cambridge, England
84756 Avon (UK) London, UK
84763 Department for Work and Pensions London, UK
84766 Bloomsbury Professional Haywards Heath, England (formerly Tottel Pub.)
84767 Canongate Books Edinburgh, UK
84773 New Holland Publishers London, UK
84784 Alan Godfrey Maps Also 0-85054; also 0-907554; also 1-84151
84787 SAGE Publications Los Angeles, California, US
84797 The Crowood Press Ramsbury, Marlborough, England
84798 Wolters Kluwer (UK) Ltd Kingston upon Thames, England
84802 English Heritage Swindon, England
84817 Igloo Books Sywell, England
84831 Icon Books UK
84844 Edward Elgar Publishing Cheltenham, UK; and Northampton, Massachusetts
84845 MIRA, Harlequin
84856 Titan Books London, England
84866 Quercus London, England
84868 Amberley Publishing Stroud, England.
84872 Psychology Press Hove, England and New York, US
84876 Troubador Publishing Leicester, England
84877 Templar Publishing Dorking, UK
84884 Pen & Sword Books Barnsley, England
84887 Atlantic Books London, England
84905 Jessica Kingsley Publishers London, England
84916 Quercus London, UK
84949 Quadrille Publishing London, England
84950 Emerald Books Bingley, England
84951 Packt Publishing Birmingham, England
84954 Biteback Publishing London, England
84975 Ryland Peters & Small London, England; New York, US
84983 Simon and Schuster (UK) London, England
85015 Exley Publications Watford, UK, and New York, US
85018 Inner Circle Books London, UK
85022 Truran Books Mount Hawke, UK
85044 Lloyd's of London Press Paisley, Scotland
85052 Peerage Books London, UK
85055 FHG Guides Ltd Paisley, Scotland
85058 Sigma Press Wilmslow, UK
85074 English Heritage UK
85109 ABC-CLIO
85112 Office of the Deputy Prime Minister London, UK
85124 Bodleian Library, University of Oxford Oxford, UK
85152 Reed International Books London, UK
85158 Mainstream Publishing Edinburgh, Scotland
85168 Oneworld Publications Oxford, England
85227 Virgin Books
85233 Springer London, UK
85242 Serpent's Tail
85249 Campaign for Real Ale St Albans, UK
85250 Acorn Computers Limited Cambridge, England
85260 Patrick Stephens/Haynes Publishing Group Sparkford, England
85273 Dance Books Ltd.
85283 Boxtree London, UK
85284 Cicerone Press Milnthorpe, Cumbria, UK
85286 Titan Books London, UK
85302 Jessica Kingsley Publishers London, UK
85304 Ravette
85306 Countryside Books Newbury, Berkshire, UK
85310 Swan Hill Press Shrewsbury, UK
85315 Royal Society of Medicine Press London, England
85326 Wordsworth Editions Ware, Hertfordshire, UK
85328 The Law Society London, UK
85331 Ryburn Publishing Krumlin, Halifax, UK
85343 Free Association Books London, UK
85367 Greenhill Books London, UK
85375 Prion London, UK
85386 Fleetway Editions Ltd London, UK
85391 Merehurst Press London, UK
85409 Arms & Armour Press Imprint of Cassell Group
85410 Aurum Press London, UK
85411 Seren Books Bridgend, UK
85414 Capital History, Capital Transport Publishing Harrow, London, UK
85437 Tate Gallery London, UK
85450 ELM Publications Kings Ripton, England
85452 Croner Publications Kingston upon Thames, UK
85458 Vacation Work Oxford, UK
85459 Nick Hern Books London, England
85471 Bloomsbury Books (Godfrey Cave Group) London, UK
85479 Michael O'Mara Books London, UK
85487 Robinson London, England
85567 Pinter London, UK
85568 Dalesman Books Clapham, North Yorkshire, UK
85597 Henderson Publishing Woodbridge, UK
85604 Facet London, UK
85613 Merehurst Press London, UK
85619 Sinclair-Stevenson Ltd.
85626 Kyle Cathie London, England
85648 The Promotional Reprint Company UK
85669 Laurence King Publishing Ltd London, England
85675 Gaia Books
85688 Springfield Books Denby Dale, UK
85702 Fourth Estate Limited Oxford, England
85703 How to Books Ltd Oxford, England
85716 English Nature UK
85723 Orbit Books London, UK
85733 Kuperard (Imprint of Bravo Ltd.) London, UK
85739 Reed Business Information East Grinstead, England
85743 Europa Pub. London, England – now part of Routledge
85758 Letts Educational London, UK
85769 The Dementia Services Development Centre Stirling, Scotland
85774 Office for National Statistics Newport, Wales, UK
85783 Waterlow Professional Pub. London, England
85788 Nicholas Brealey Publishing London, UK and Boston, Massachusetts, US
85789 Atlantic Books London, England
85793 Pavilion Books
85799 Phoenix Division of Orion Books
85805 Letts Educational London, UK
85825 Smith Settle Otley, UK
85833 Bramley Books UK
85856 Trentham Books Stoke-on-Trent, Trentham, UK
85868 Carlton Books London, UK
85870 Future Bath, UK
85899 Bournemouth University Poole, England
85926 Aurora Publishing UK
85935 Joseph Rowntree Foundation York, England
85936 Carnegie Press/Carnegie Publishing Preston/Lancaster, UK
85937 The Francis Frith Collection Teffont, UK
85941 Routledge (also 0-415)
85946 Royal Institute of British Architects London, UK
85958 Senate London, UK
85960 Haynes Publishing
85973 Berg Oxford, UK; New York, US
85982 Streetmaster Fordham, Essex, UK
85983 Breedon Books Derby, UK
85984 Verso Books London, UK
85995 Parkstone London, UK; New York, US
86019 Arms & Armour Press / Brockhampton Press Imprint of Cassell
86019 Caxton Editions London, England
86030 Institute for Public Policy Research London, UK
86046 Harvill Press London, UK
86064 I.B. Tauris / Radcliffe Press London, UK
86072 ICSA Information & Training London, England
86077 Phillimore & Co Chichester, England, UK
86080 Cityscape Maps Ltd Welton, Lincoln, England, UK
86082 Ignatius Press
86094 Imperial College Press London, England, UK
86100 Wrox Press Birmingham, England
86105 Chrysalis London, England, UK
86123 Trail Publishing
86134 The Policy Press Bristol, England (series completed, now on 84742)
86147 Abbeydale Press Wigston, UK
86176 Chatham Publishing/Gerald Duckworth London, England
86178 Venture Press pubs. for British Association of Social Workers; Birmingham, UK
86187 Exley Publications Watford, UK and New York, US
86189 Reaktion Books London, UK
86197 Profile Books London, UK
86207 Granta London, UK
86220 Centre for North-West Regional Studies, University of Lancaster Lancaster, UK
86230 Anchor Books London, UK
86232 Tuckwell East Linton, UK
86239 The Geological Society Bath, England, UK
86252 Hopevale Mission Board Milton, Queensland, Australia
86254 Wakefield Press Adelaide, Australia
86335 Common Ground Publishing Champaign, Illinois, US
86396 ACP Publishing Sydney, Australia
87685 Black Sparrow Books - An imprint of David R. Godine, Publisher Boston, Massachusetts, US
86397~86979 ?
86980~91599 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
91600~916505 see #7-digit_publisher_codes
916506~97299 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
97300~98779 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
98780~99899 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
99900~99999 see #7-digit_publisher_codes

6-digit publisher codes

Publisher code Publisher Notes
800000~869799 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
869800~869856 ?
869857 Wordwell Bray, co Wicklow, Ireland
870018 Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM) (now merged with Co-operatives UK) Leeds, England, UK
870119 Foxline Publishing Bredbury, UK
870257 UK eInformation Group UKeiG London?, England
870325 Whittles Dunbeath, Scotland
870545 Canterbury Archaeological Trust Canterbury, England
870614 Libertarian Alliance London, UK
870652 Cairns Publications Sheffield, England, UK
870699 Book Works London, UK
870754 Runpast Publishing Cheltenham, UK
870870 John Brown Publishing Ltd. London, UK
870948 Quiller Press London, England
871044 Pondview Books Peterborough, England
871149 Footprint Maps Stirling, Scotland
871236 Lancashire County Books Preston, UK
871647 Wharncliffe Books Barnsley, UK
871814 Roadmaster Publishing Chatham, England
871891 Ethics International Press Bury St. Edmunds, England
872167 Hutton Press Beverley, England
872226 Printwise Publications UK
872239 Printability Publishing Hartlepool, England
872346 Northern Heritage Consultancy Ltd. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
872405 Hallewell Publications Pitlochry, UK
872489 SAWD Publications Bicknor, UK
872524 Platform 5 Publishing Sheffield, England
872650 Manchester City Council Manchester, England
872843 Saffron Books London, England
872895 Landy Publishing Staining, Lancashire, UK
873079 Paper Publications UK
873124 Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Kendal?, England
873394 Donhead Publishing Donhead St. Mary, Shaftesbury, England
873592 English Heritage Swindon, UK
873626 Breedon Books Derby, UK
873667 Comedia Stroud, UK
873668 TTL Harrogate, UK
873888 Owl Books Wigan, UK
873892 Pegasus Publishing
873976 Christie Books Hastings, England
874165 Work Research Centre Dublin, Ireland
874181 Palatine Books Lancaster, UK
874185 BBA Enterprises London, UK
874350 Wessex Archaeology Salisbury, England
874584 The Myrtlefield Trust/Myrtlefield House Coleraine, N Ireland
875202 Weldon Russel Publishing Willoughby
875998 Central Queensland University Press also 1-876780
876627 Wrightbooks Elsternwick, Vic, Australia
876756 Spinifex Press North Melbourne, Vic, Australia
876780 Central Queensland University Press Rockhampton, Australia; also 1-875998
878109 ASP Press
878663 Professional Association of Diving Instructors
878718 Catholic Book Publishing Resurrection Press
878798 Press Here Sammamish, Washington
879016 Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
879402 Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an Elmhurst, New York
879505 Silman-James Press Beverly Hills, California, US
879630 Wind Canyon Publishing Niceville, Florida, US
879751 Camden House Columbia, South Carolina, US
880094 Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education Chesapeake, Virginia
880229 Scuba Schools International GmbH
880317 Biblical Archaeology Society Washington, D.C.
880654 Pogo Press Saint Paul, Minnesota, US
880685 Two Plus Two Publishing Henderson, Nevada
880837 Smith & Helwys Publishing Macon, Georgia
880985 2.13.61
881307 Saint Anthony Messenger Press
881943 Daedalus Publishing
882002 Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
883362 Indiana Academy of Science
883869 Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy San Francisco, California
884409 Capitol Records
884479 MercySong
884718 Oak Knoll Press & The British Library New Castle, Delaware, US
884760 Wells Street Publishing
884822 Black Dog & Levanthal Publishing
884910 F+W Publications Cincinnati, Ohio, US
885705 Prometheus Nemesis Book Company Del Mar, California, US
885845 The Leaflet Missal Company
886070 ConJelCo LLC Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
886376 Network Cybernetics Corporation (NCC) Dallas, Texas, US
887123 Granary Books likely New York, US
887829 Journal of Roman Archaeology llc Portsmouth, Rhode Island, US
888521 Brunswick Press Cathedral City, California, US
888799 Demos Vermande New York, US
889140 Parentmagic, Inc. Glen Ellyn, Illinois, US
889758 Evolution Publishing Merchantville, New Jersey, US
890000 Danaan Press Richardson, Texas, US
890159 Greenery Press Emeryville, California, US; also 0-890159
890603 Urban Vision Entertainment
890871 Holcomb Hathaway Publishers Scottsdale, Arizona, US
891105 Lake Isle Press, Inc.
891620 Perseus Books Group; Public Affairs Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
891792 Harvard Education Press Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
892058 DreamHaven Books Minneapolis, Minnesota US
892723 Black Books
892959 Anonymous Press Malo, Washington, US
893018 Superscape
893020 Mandeville Press Los Angeles, California, US
893447 MAAT Press South San Francisco, California, US
893707 Rural Heritage Video Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US
893410 Picture This! Home Video Los Angeles, California, US
893732 Sorin Books
893757 E.T. Nedder Publishing
893831 Food for Thought Publishing, Foodnsport Press 609 N. Jade Drive Key Largo, Florida 33037, US
893955 University of South Alabama Center for Archaeological Studies Mobile, Alabama, US
895565 Firefly Books Willowdale, California, US
896239 J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc.
896332 The River Press Toronto, Ontario, Canada
896357 Rutgers University Press Piscataway, New Jersey, US
897177 Autodesk San Rafael, California, US
897350 Collector's Guide Publishing Burlington, Ontario, Canada
897744 Oksforder Yidish Press Oxford, UK
897878 TRP Magazines Ltd (Redmayne Publishing Company)
897940 Ta-Ha London, UK
898051 Ringpull Press
898059 PCCS Books Ross-on-Wye, UK
898062 Hedgehog Historical Publications UK
898319 Quail Map Company
898432 Venture Publications Glossop, UK
898435 J. Salmon Sevenoaks, UK
898880 Bewick Press Whitley Bay, England
899082 Everson Gunn Teoranta Dublin, Ireland
899181 Book Clearance Centre UK
899280 National Autistic Society London, UK
899366 J.G.Harston Sheffield, UK
899468 Soccerdata, an imprint of Tony Brown Nottingham, England
899571 Pulp Faction London, UK
899889 Lightmoor Press Lydney, UK
900106 Purr Books London, England
900193 Milepost 92 ½
900322 Green Earth Books Dartington, UK
900357 Giles de la Mare London, England
900463 True North Publishing Halifax, UK
900510 TRADA Technology Hughenden Valley, UK
900640 CRD – Centre for Reviews and Dissemination York, England
900901 CLÀR Inverness, Scotland
900915 Cathedral Communications Tisbury, Wilts, England
900924 Helter Skelter Publishing London, England
901019 IM Publications
901092 Andreas Papadakis London
901132 F R Turner Gravesend, England
901184 The Ramblers' Association UK
901409 Agan Tavas Redruth, England
901447 Cherry Red Books
901556 Industrial Railway Society London, England
901658 Ashfield Press Dublin, Éire
901703 Maritime Information Association London, England
901821 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
901927 Route Glasshoughton, UK
902356 Gingerfold Publications Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire, UK
902435 Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) London, England
902459 University of Birmingham Press
902538 Argentum (an Aurum Press imprint) London, England
902633 York Publishing Services York, UK
902686 Scriptum Editions London, England
902771 Council for British Archaeology York, England
902786 Campaign to Protect Rural England London, UK
902827 Atlantic Publishers Penryn, UK
902937 McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research Cambridge, England
903007 Brontë Society Haworth, UK
903009 Generation Publications London, UK
903035 Wessex Books Newton Toney, England
903018 Prospect Books Totnes, England
903089 Compelling Books London, UK
903111 Reynolds & Hearn
903115 William Reed Publishing Crawley, UK
903158 Parrs Wood Press Manchester, UK
903204 True North Publishing Halifax, UK
903208 Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland Edinburgh, UK
903221 Jacqui Small (an Aurum Press imprint) London, England
903222 Nightingale London, UK
903258 Carroll & Brown Publishers London, UK
903266 Irwell Press Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
903274 Institute for Fiscal Studies London, UK
903307 LAG Education and Service Trust Ltd London, England
903425 Wharncliffe Books Barnsley, UK
903511 Piggyback Interactive
903599 Black Dwarf Publications Witney, England
903753 Itchy Ltd Leeds, UK
903798 Cornwall Council Cornwall, England
903855 Russell House Publishing Lyme Regis, England
903973 Royal Academy of Arts London, England
904193 WLR Media & Entertainment London, England
904111 Federation for Community Development Learning Sheffield, England
904265 Rebellion Developments (2000AD, Abaddon Books, Solaris Books) Oxford, England
904339 Risk Books London, England (an imprint of Incisive Media)
904341 Haus Publications London, England
904349 The Dovecote Press Wimborne, England
904380 Waterside Press Hook, England
904400 Chartered Society of Physiotherapy London, England
904437 AHDB Market Intelligence Kenilworth, England
904537 Redcliffe Press Bristol, England
904761 Nottingham University Press Nottingham, England
904608 Taxcafe UK Ltd Kirkcaldy, Scotland
904808 Evertype Westport, Mayo, Ireland (series completed 2012, followed by 1-78201)
904829 BCIS – (complete cont. on 907196) Poole, UK
904851 Rockingham Press Ware, England
904859 AK Press
904871 The Good Life Press Preston, UK
904879 Marshall Cavendish/Cyan Communications London, England
904905 Spiramus Press London, England
904934 Institute of Islamic Studies London, England
904943 Grul Street London, England
904966 Historic Scotland Edinburgh, UK
904994 Guinness World Records UK
905080 Great Northern Books Ilkley, England
905119 Windgather Books (Oxbow imprint) Oxford, England
905125 The Classical Press of Wales Swansea, Wales
905140 Hammersmith Press London, England
905214 Chastleton Travel Moreton-in-Marsh, England
905221 British Institute of International and Comparative Law London, UK
905223 Heritage Marketing & Publications Great Dunham, Norfolk, England
905224 Leatherhead Publishing Leatherhead, Surrey, England
905250 Andrew Taylor UK, also 0-9528574
905287 Reynolds & Hearn Ltd Richmond, England
905366 AP information Services London, England
905369 Leisure Studies Association Eastbourne, England
905391 The College of Law Guildford, England
905410 White Ladder Press Ipplepen, UK
905437 Rebellion Developments (2000AD, Abaddon Books, Solaris Books) Oxford, England
905476 Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester, England
905482 Taxbriefs Financial Publishing London, England
905487 Linden Press Dublin, Éire
905499 LISU (Library & Information Statistics Unit) Loughborough, England (based in Loughborough Univ.)
905504 Anforme Stocksfield, England
905506 Family Planning Association (FPA) London, England
905540 Coachwise Armley, Leeds, England
905548 The Friday Project London, UK
905553 BookPublishingWorld
905569 Wordwell Bray, Ireland
905583 Comma Press Manchester, UK
905646 Heart of Albion Market Harborough, England (plus imprints Alternative Albion & Explore)
905674 Wallflower Press London, UK
905705 Itchy Ltd Leeds, UK
905739 Archeopress Oxford, England
905811 Eden Project Books London, UK
905825 Bonnier Books Chichester, UK
905847 Old Street Publishing London, UK
905852 Drinking Water Inspectorate London, UK
905881 Granta Publications London, UK
905891 Soccerdata, an imprint of Tony Brown Nottingham, England
905933 Heritage (Oxbow imprint) Oxford, England
905942 National Gardens Scheme Guildford, England
906035 Cision UK London, England
906052 Reflect Press Exeter, England
906076 Child Poverty Action Group London, England
906093 Greenleaf Publishing Sheffield, England
906097 Policy Exchange London, England
906098 Footprint Books Bath, UK
906136 Alastair Sawday Publishing Long Ashton, UK
906155 Black Dog Publishing
906167 Mortons of Horncastle Horncastle, UK
906201 Fiscal Publications Birmingham, England
906254 PCCS Books Ross-on-Wye, UK
906294 Directory of Social Change London, England
906304 The Heritage Council Dublin, Ireland
906404 Highfield.co.uk Doncaster, England
906419 Noodle Books Southampton, UK
906465 Capstone Chichester, England
906540 Maney Publishing Leeds, England
906593 Redcliffe Press Bristol, England
906649 True North Publishing Halifax, UK
906659 Harriman House Petersfield, England
906660 Wallflower Press London, England
906694 Quercus London, UK
906718 Taylor Shannon International Manchester, England
906884 Goodfellow Publishers Woodeaton, Oxford, England
906909 Irwell Press Clophill, England
906974 Eagle Editions Ltd (Heathfield Railway Publications) Royston, Herts, UK
906994 Tindal Street Press Birmingham/London, UK
907140 emp3books Fleet, Hampshire, UK
907196 BCIS Poole, UK
907264 Creativity, Culture and Education Newcastle upon Tyne, England
907284 Nottingham University Press Nottingham, England
907322 Maney Publishing Leeds, England
907332 Ivy Press Lewes, UK
907394 Media One Communications Peterborough, UK
907410 Atom London, England
907426 Kelsey Publishing Group Cudham, UK
907444 Spiramus Press London, England
907471 Libri Publishing Faringdon, England
907499 Indepenpress Brighton, England
907648 Train Crazy Publishing Lytham St Annes, UK
907727 Bibliolis Books London, UK
907794 LID Publishing London, England
907892 The National Trust Swindon, England
908117 Grub Street London, UK
908397 Old Pond Publishing Ipswich, UK
908452 COPY Yorkshire, UK
908699 Old Street Publishing London, UK
909090 Really Decent Books Bath, UK
909242 Atlantic Publishing Croxley Green, UK
909268 Footprint Bath, UK
909328 Noodle Books (part of Crécy Publishing) Southampton, UK
910233 Yarnstorm Press UK
910240 Vertebrate Publishing Sheffield, United Kingdom
910415 Key Publishing Stamford, UK
910554 Kelsey Publishing Group Cudham, UK
910907 English Heritage Swindon, UK
911038 Lightmoor Press Lydney, UK
911062 True North Books Halifax, UK
911214 Jonathan Cape, imprint of Vintage Publishing London, UK
911276 Mortons of Horncastle Horncastle, UK
911301 Russell Square Publishing Barnet, London, UK
912142 Whitelocke Publications Oxford, UK
912151 Kelsey Publishing Group Cudham, UK
912240 Sandstone Press Dingwall, UK
912784 Imperator Publishing London, UK
912785~915999 ?
916000~916505 see #7-digit_publisher_codes
916506~920898 ?
920899 Sydney University Press Sydney, NSW, Australia
921002 Ballistic Publishing Adelaide, SA, Australia
921440 Madonna House Publications
925470 Adversary publishing / Adversarial Press Melbourne, VIC, Australia
928782 Book Marketing Works, LLC Avon, Connecticut 06001, US
929039 Ambassador Books
929068 Sholom Aleichem Family Publications
929109 White Hat Communications Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
930536 Best Publishing Company
931009 Total Immersion Inc.
931082 Library of America
931160 Green Candy Press
931445 Asir Media
931541 Simon Publications Safety Harbor, Florida, US
931644 Maximum Press Gulf Breeze, Florida, US
931788 Aperture Foundation New York, US
931930 Intercultural Press Boston, Massachusetts, US (Imprint of Nicholas Brealey)
931951 ADK – Adirondack Mountain Club Lake George, New York, US
932026 Collins Design Scranton, Pennsylvania, US imprint of HarperCollins
932195 Tupelo Press Dorset, Vermont, US
932234 Vertical, Inc. New York City, USA
932236 Intercollegiate Studies Institute Wilimington, Delaware, US
932360 Soft Skull Press distributed by Publishers Group West
932587 Green Key Books
932595 Feral House Book
932857 Disinformation New York, US
932907 Michael Wiese Productions Studio City, California, US
932921 Healthwise Boise, Idaho, US
933019 now Publishers Inc. Hanover, Massachusetts 02339, US (PO Box 1024)
933202 West Virginia University Press Morgantown, West Virginia, West Virginia, US
933264 Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co. Inc Tucson, Arizona, US
933317 Leatherwood Press Sandy, Utah, US
933346 Bluebridge
933368 Soft Skull Press Brooklyn, New York, US
933405 Time Inc.
933464 Behavioral Tech, LLC Seattle, WA
933495 Sorin Books
933503 Bull Publishing Boulder, Colorado
933698 1500 Books New York, California
933782 Berkshire Publishing Group LLC Great Barrington, MA 01230
934074 Apprentice House Baltimore, Maryland, US
934121 The Criterion Collection/Janus Films
934287 Vertical, Inc. 1185 Avenue of the Americas, 32nd Floor, New York City, New York 10036
934334 Photolucida Portland, Oregon, US
934429 Ammo Books Los Angeles, California, US
934442 Zeig, Tucker & Theiisen Phoenix, Arizona, US
934625 The Nazca Plains Corporation
934781 McSweeney's Books San Francisco, California, US
935182 Manning Publications Co. Shelter Island, New York
935247 Silman-James Press Beverly Hills, California, US
935439 Ig Publishing New York City, USA
935654 Vertical, Inc. New York City, USA
935660 Medmaster Miami, Florida
935934 Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC.
936560 Weber Books Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.
936975 Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Pelham, New York, USA
937867 Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC.
937913 Catholic Book Publishing
938438 Creative Media Publishing Whittier, California
938635 St. Xenia Skete Wildwood, California
938821 Grey Gecko Press, LLC Katy, Texas, US
938853 FutureCycle Press Lexington, Kentucky
939130 Vertical, Inc. New York City, USA
940535 Boss Fight Books Los Angeles, California
941220 Vertical, Inc. New York City, USA
941792 Bard Graduate Center New York
942919 Hesperian Health Guides Berkeley, California
942993 Vertical, Inc. New York City, USA
943066 Spangenhelm Publishing Yukon, US
943287 George A. Hart Publishing Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey
945054 Vertical, Inc. New York City, USA
947194 Vertical, Inc. New York City, USA
949309 Sierra Sunset Publishing Citrus Heights, CA
949930 Wulf Wurks
951864 Montessori By Mom Louisville, KY
951865~972999 ?
973000~987799 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
987800~989667 ?
989668 Little Bahalia Publishing Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
989669~998999 ?
999000~999999 see #7-digit_publisher_codes

7-digit publisher codes

Publisher code Publisher Notes
7000000~7169999 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
7170000~7319999 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
7320000~7399999 ?
7400000~7749999 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
7750000~7753999 ?
7754000~7899999 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
7900000~7999999 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
8000000~8697999 see #5-digit_publisher_codes
8698000~9159999 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
9160000~9165059 ?
9165060~9729999 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
9730000~9877999 see #4-digit_publisher_codes
9878000~9989999 see #6-digit_publisher_codes
9990000~9999999 ?

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