List of heads of state of Burkina Faso

President of Burkina Faso
Président du Burkina Faso
Presidential Standard of Burkina Faso.svg
Presidential Standard
Roch Marc Christian Kaboré.jpg
Roch Marc Christian Kaboré

since 29 December 2015
ResidenceKosyam Palace
Term length5 years
Inaugural holderMaurice Yaméogo
Formation5 August 1960
SuccessionPresident of the National Assembly[1]
Salary858,399 FCFA annually including allowances[2]

This is a list of heads of state of Burkina Faso since the Republic of Upper Volta gained independence from France in 1960 to the present day.

A total of eight people have served as head of state of Upper Volta/Burkina Faso (not counting three Transitional Heads of State/Presidents and one Acting President in rebellion).

The current head of state of Burkina Faso is the President of the Republic Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, since 29 December 2015.


  • 1960–1980: President of the Republic
  • 1980–1982: President of Military Committee of Recovery for National Progress
  • 1982: Chairman of Provisional Committee of Popular Salvation
  • 1982–1983: Head of State
  • 1983–1987: Chairman of National Revolutionary Council and Head of State
  • 1987–1991: President of Popular Front and Head of State
  • 1991–2014: President of the Republic
  • 2015: Chairman of National Council for Democracy
  • 2015–present: President of the Republic


Political parties
Other factions
  •  Transitional Head of State/President
  •  Acting President in rebellion

List of officeholders

No. Portrait Name
Elected Term of office Political party Prime minister(s)
Took office Left office Time in office
Republic of Upper Volta
1 Maurice Yaméogo, 1960.jpg Maurice Yaméogo
5 August 1960 3 January 1966
5 years, 151 days UDV–RDA Position not established
2 No image.png Sangoulé Lamizana
1978 3 January 1966 25 November 1980
14 years, 327 days Military /
3 No image.png Saye Zerbo
25 November 1980 7 November 1982
1 year, 347 days Military Himself
4 Jean-Baptiste Ouédraogo at book signing.jpg Jean-Baptiste Ouédraogo
(born 1941)
9 November 1982 4 August 1983
268 days Military Sankara
5 Thomas-sankara-dessin.jpg Thomas Sankara
4 August 1983 4 August 1984 1 year Military Position abolished
Burkina Faso
(5) Thomas-sankara-dessin.jpg Thomas Sankara
4 August 1984 15 October 1987
3 years, 72 days Military Position abolished
6 Blaise Compaoré 2014 White House (cropped).png Blaise Compaoré
(born 1951)
15 October 1987 31 October 2014
27 years, 16 days Military / FP
Y. Ouédraogo
K. D. Ouedraogo
General Honore Traore (Burkina Faso).jpg Honoré Traoré
(born 1957)
31 October 2014 1 November 2014 1 day Military Position vacant
No image.png Yacouba Isaac Zida
(born 1965)
1 November 2014 18 November 2014 17 days Military
Position vacant
Michel Kafando 2015-09-26.jpg Michel Kafando
(born 1942)
18 November 2014 17 September 2015
303 days Independent Zida
7 Gilbert Diendéré 2010-05-01.jpg Gilbert Diendéré
(born c. 1960)
17 September 2015 23 September 2015
(stepped down.)
6 days Military
Position vacant
No image.png Chérif Sy
(born 1960)
(in opposition to Diendéré.)
17 September 2015 23 September 2015 6 days Independent Position vacant
Michel Kafando 2015-09-26.jpg Michel Kafando
(born 1942)
23 September 2015
29 December 2015 97 days Independent Zida
8 Roch Marc Christian Kaboré.jpg Roch Marc Christian Kaboré
(born 1957)
29 December 2015 Incumbent 5 years, 166 days MPP Thieba

Latest election

Roch Marc Christian KaboréPeople's Movement for Progress1,654,98257.87
Eddie KomboïgoCongress for Democracy and Progress442,74215.48
Zéphirin DiabréUnion for Progress and Reform356,38812.46
Kadré Désiré OuédraogoAct Together95,9773.36
Tahirou BarryNational Rebirth Party62,6392.19
Ablassé OuedraogoAlternative Faso51,5751.80
Gilbert Noël OuédraogoADF–RDA44,3471.55
Yacouba Isaac ZidaPatriotic Movement for Salvation43,4031.52
Abdoulaye SomaSun of the Future Movement40,2171.41
Segui Ambroise FaramaOrganisation of African Peoples – Burkina Faso25,7830.90
Kiemdoro do Pascalo SessoumaVision Burkina20,1580.70
Yéli Monique KamMovement for the Renaissance of Burkina Faso15,1240.53
Claude Aimé TassembedoIndependent6,4490.23
Valid votes2,859,78495.54
Invalid/blank votes133,4964.46
Total votes2,993,280100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,893,40650.79
Source: CENI

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