List of international trips made by Maia Sandu

Official welcoming ceremony held for Sandu in Kyiv, January 2021.

This is a list of international presidential trips made by Maia Sandu, the 6th President of Moldova and the former Prime Minister of Moldova (serving in 2019).

International trips as Prime Minister

Sandu with Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv, July 2019.
Date Country City Notes
2 July 2019  Romania[1] Bucharest Met with:
3–4 July 2019  Belgium[2] Brussels Met with:
11 July 2019  Ukraine[3] Kyiv Met with:
16 July 2019  Germany[4] Berlin Met with:
22 August 2019  Lithuania[5] Vilnius Met with:
11 September 2019  USA[6][7][8] Washington, D.C. Met with:

As President

Map of international trips made by Maia Sandu as president
Date Country City Notes
12 January 2021  Ukraine[9][10] Kyiv Met with:
18–19 January 2021  Belgium[11] Brussels Met with:
3–4 February 2021  France[12] Paris Met with:
18–19 April 2021  France Strasbourg Met with:
20 April 2021  Romania Bucharest Met with:
19-20 May 2021  Germany Berlin Met with:[13]

Future trips


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