List of islands of Wales

This is a list of islands of Wales, the mainland of which is part of Great Britain, as well as a table of the largest Welsh islands by area. The list includes tidal islands such as Sully Island but not locations such as Shell Island which, though they are termed islands, are peninsulas.

Name Island group/location
Anglesey (Ynys Môn) Irish Sea
Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli) Gwynedd
Barry Island (Ynys y Barri) Vale of Glamorgan (linked to the mainland during the 1880s)
Caldey Island (Ynys Bŷr) Pembrokeshire
Cardigan Island (Ynys Aberteifi) Ceredigion
Caldey Island (Ynys Bŷr) Pembrokeshire
Carreg Onnen Pembrokeshire
Church Island (Ynys Dysilio) Anglesey
Cribinau (Ynys Cribinau) Anglesey
East Mouse (Ynys Amlwch) Anglesey
Flat Holm (Ynys Echni) Bristol Channel
Gateholm Pembrokeshire (tidal island)
Grassholm (Gwales/Ynys Gwales) Pembrokeshire
Holy Island (Ynys Gybi) Anglesey
Middle Head Gower (tidal island)
Middle Mouse (Ynys Badrig) Anglesey
Middleholm (aka Midland Isle) Pembrokeshire
Mumbles Head Island (Y Mwmbwls) Gower (tidal island)
North Stack (Ynys Arw) Anglesey
Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol) Anglesey
Ramsey Island (Ynys Dewi) Pembrokeshire
St Catherine's Island (Ynys Catrin) Pembrokeshire
St Margaret's Island (Ynys Farged) Pembrokeshire
St Tudwal's Island East (Ynys Tudwal Fach) St Tudwal's Islands
St Tudwal's Island West (Ynys Tudwal Fawr) St Tudwal's Islands
Salt Island (Ynys yr Halen) Anglesey
Sheep Island (Ynys y defaid) Pembrokeshire (tidal island)
The Skerries (Ynysoedd y Moelrhoniaid) Anglesey
Skokholm (Ynys Sgoc-holm) Pembrokeshire
Skomer (Ynys Skomer) Pembrokeshire
South Stack (Ynys Lawd) Anglesey
Sully Island Vale of Glamorgan (tidal island)
Thorn Island Pembrokeshire[1]
Tusker Rock (Ynys Twsgr) Vale of Glamorgan
West Mouse (Maen y Bugail) Anglesey
Worms Head (Pen Pyrod) Gower (tidal island)
Ynys Benlas Anglesey
Ynys Beri Pembrokeshire
Ynys Cantwr Pembrokeshire
Ynys Castell Anglesey
Ynys Dulas Anglesey
Ynys Eilun & Pont yr Eilun Pembrokeshire
Ynys Faelog Anglesey
Ynys Feurig Anglesey
Ynys Gaint Anglesey
Ynys Gifftan Gwynedd (tidal island)
Ynys Gored Goch Anglesey
Ynys Gwelltog Pembrokeshire
Ynys Llanddwyn Anglesey (tidal island)
Ynys Lochtyn Ceredigion
Ynys Moelfre Anglesey
Ynys y Bîg Anglesey

Largest islands in Wales

Island Area (sq mi) Area (km2)
1 Anglesey 260.37 674.36
2 Holy Island 15.22 39.44
3 Skomer 1.12 2.90
4 Ramsey Island 0.99 2.58
5 Caldey Island 0.84 2.18
6 Bardsey Island 0.79 2.06
7 Skokholm 0.41 1.06
8 Flat Holm 0.21 0.33
9 Ynys Llanddwyn 0.19 0.3
10 Puffin Island 0.11 0.28
11 Cardigan Island 0.06 0.15


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