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Composition of the Brussels Parlement (MR is now split into MR and FDF)

This is a list of current Members of the Brussels Parliament, arranged alphabetically. The Parliament counts 89 members, 17 of which are reserved for the Dutch-language group. Of the remaining 72 French-speaking members, 19 are also member of the Parliament of the French Community.

Composition (2011–)

The elections took place in 2009.

Party Seats +/-
French language group
Socialist Party
Parti Socialiste (PS)
21 Decrease 5
Ecolo 16 Increase 9
Reformist Movement
Mouvement Réformateur (MR)
Humanist Democratic Centre
Centre Démocrate Humaniste (CDH)
Francophone Democratic Federalists
Fédéralistes Démocrates Francophones (FDF)
Dutch language group
Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats
Open Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten (Open VLD)
4 Steady 0
Socialist Party – Differently
Socialistische Partij Anders
4 Increase 1
Christian Democratic and Flemish
Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams (CD&V)
3 Steady 0
2 Increase 1
New Flemish Alliance
Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie
1 Increase 1
Flemish Interest
Vlaams Belang
Independent 2
Total 89

List of members

Party Language group Member of Parliament
PS French Mohamed Azzouzi
PS French Sfia Bouarfa
PS French Michèle Carthé
PS French Mohammadi Chahid (replaces Fadila Laanan)
PS French Philippe Close
PS French Mohamed Daif
PS French Caroline Désir
PS French Bea Diallo
PS French Françoise Dupuis
PS French Ahmed El Ktibi
PS French Nadia El Yousfi
PS French Alain Hutchinson (replaces Karine Lalieux)
PS French Jamal Ikazban
PS French Catherine Moureaux (replaces Fatiha Saidi)
PS French Anne-Sylvie Mouzon (replaces Charles Picqué)
PS French Mohamed Ouriaghli
PS French Emin Özkara
PS French Olivia P'tito (replaces Emir Kir)
PS French Freddy Thielemans
PS French Eric Tomas
PS French Rudi Vervoort
Ecolo French Aziz Albishari
Ecolo French Dominique Braeckman (replaces Christos Doulkeridis)
Ecolo French Jean-Claude Defossé
Ecolo French Céline Delforge
Ecolo French Anne Dirix
Ecolo French Anne Herscovici
Ecolo French Zakia Khattabi
Ecolo French Vincent Lurquin
Ecolo French Alain Maron
Ecolo French Jacques Morel
Ecolo French Ahmed Mouhssin
Ecolo French Marie Nagy
Ecolo French Yaron Pesztat (replaces Evelyne Huytebroeck)
Ecolo French Arnaud Pinxteren
Ecolo French Barbara Trachte
Ecolo French Vincent Vanhalewyn (replaces Sarah Turine)
MR French Françoise Bertieaux
MR French Jacques Brotchi
MR French Anne Charlotte d'Ursel
MR French Olivier de Clippele
MR French Alain Destexhe
MR French Vincent De Wolf
MR French Willem Draps
MR French Marion Lemesre
MR French Philippe Pivin
MR French Jacqueline Rousseaux (replaces Corinne De Permentier)
MR French Françoise Schepmans
MR French Viviane Teitelbaum
MR French Gaëtan Van Goidsenhoven (replaces Bernard Clerfayt)
FDF French Michel Colson (replaces Olivier Maingain)
FDF French Emmanuel De Bock (replaces Antoinette Spaak)
FDF French Serge de Patoul
FDF French Béatrice Fraiteur
FDF French Didier Gosuin
FDF French Cécile Jodogne
FDF French Gisèle Mandaila Malamba
FDF French Isabelle Molenberg
FDF French Martine Payfa
FDF French Caroline Persoons
FDF French Fatoumata Sidibe (replaces Armand De Decker)
cdH French Julie de Groote (replaces Francis Delpérée)
cdH French Hervé Doyen (replaces Joëlle Milquet)
cdH French André du Bus de Warnaffe
cdH French Hamza Fassi-Fihri
cdH French Céline Fremault
cdH French Ahmed El Khannouss
cdH French Bertin Mampaka Mankamba
cdH French Pierre Migisha
cdH French Mahinur Özdemir
cdH French Joël Riguelle [fr]
Independent French Danielle Caron (former cdH)
CD&V Dutch Bianca Debaets (replaces Brigitte Grouwels)
CD&V Dutch Brigitte De Pauw (replaces Steven Vanackere)
CD&V Dutch Walter Vandenbossche
Vlaams Belang Dutch Dominiek Lootens-Stael
Groen! Dutch Annemie Maes
Groen! Dutch Elke Van den Brandt (replaces Bruno De Lille)
Independent Dutch Johan Demol (former Vlaams Belang)
Independent Dutch Greet Van Linter (former Vlaams Belang)
N-VA Dutch Paul De Ridder
VLD Dutch Els Ampe
VLD Dutch René Coppens (replaces Guy Vanhengel)
VLD Dutch Carla Dejonghe
VLD Dutch Jean-Luc Vanraes
sp.a Dutch Fouad Ahidar
sp.a Dutch Sophie Brouhon
sp.a Dutch Elke Roex
sp.a Dutch Jef Van Damme (replaces Pascal Smet)


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