List of mosques in Algeria

This is a list of mosques in Algeria. According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowment in 2006, there are around 15,000 mosques in Algeria as a whole, of which 450 are in the capital city of Algiers. 90% of which are built after the independence of Algeria in 1962.[1]

Name Images Location Year Remarks
Sidi El Haloui Tlemcen, Algeria 1353 Built by the Marinid Sultan Abou Inane Fares in honor of Abou Abdallah Echoudsy , a qadi of Seville accused of witchcraft and conspiring against the Zayyanid monarch under the Marinid occupation of the city.
Djama Bab Zir
Tlemcen. Mosquée (Djama) Bab Zir - ND. Phot. LCCN2004665063.jpg
Tlemcen, Algeria Around 1070 Built by Youssef Ibn Tachfine under the Almoravid occupation of the city.
1st November of 1954 Great Mosque
Mosquée 1er Novembre a Batna.jpg
Batna 2003
20th August of 1956 Mosque
Mosquée du 20 Août 1956.jpg
Ouzellaguen 2011
Abdallah Ibn Salam Mosque
Mosquée Abdallah Ibn Salam (ancienne Synagogue d'Oran) en 2011.JPG
Oran 1918
Abdelhamid Ben Badis Mosque
Mosquée Ibn Badis.jpg
Oran 2015
Abu Farès Mosque
Algiers 1865
Al-Aman Mosque
مسجد الامان سوق اهراس.jpg
Souk Ahras 2011
Ali Bitchin Mosque
Casbah Zoudj Ayoun 4.jpg
Algiers 1622
Al-Qods Mosque [fr]
Mosquée EL-KODS Cheikh el-ayfa 1 - panoramio.jpg
Bouira 1652
Al-Rahma Mosque, Algiers [ar]
Mosquée El Rahma ap 001.jpg
Algiers 1897
Berrani Mosque
Mosquée Jamaa Berrani.jpg
Algiers 1653
Bey Mohamed el-Kebir Mosque
Oran vieille mosquée Karguentah.JPG
Oran 1792
Djama’a al-Djedid
Djamaa J'did.jpg
Algiers 1660
Djamaâ el Kebir
Djamaâ el Kebir.jpg
Algiers 1097[2]
Emir Abdelkader Mosque
Abd al-Qádir 18.jpg
Constantine 1994
Ghardaia Mosque
Ghardaia 10th century
Hassan Pasha Mosque
Mosquée du Pacha.jpg
Oran 1796
Imam Sidi el-Houari Mosque
Mosque Bey Oran.jpg
Oran 1792-1799
Jemma Al Djazair
Photo grande mosquee 30112016.jpg
Algiers under construction
El Kawthar Mosque
Mosquée El Kawthar - Blida.jpg
Blida 1533 Renovated and expanded in 1981
Ketchaoua Mosque
جامع كتشاوة.JPG
Algiers 1612
Mansourah Mosque
Tlemcen 1302-1303
Mechouar Mosque
Citadelle Mechouer Tlemcen Algerie (2).JPG
Tlemcen 1310
Great Mosque of Nedroma
Grande mosquée de Nédroma vue de Tarbiâa.jpg
Nedroma 1145
El Rahman Mosque
Cherchell 1574
Safir Mosque
جامع سفير القصبة 3.JPG
Algiers 1534
Salah Bey Mosque
Mezquita El Bey.jpg
Annaba 1791-1792
Shrine of Sidi Abder Rahman
Temple de Sidi Abderrahmane.JPG
Algiers 1471 Commemorates Sidi Abder Rahman El Thaelebi, a renowned Islamic scholar
Sidi Abu Madyan Mosque
Minaret de Sidi Boumedienne.jpg
Tlemcen 1339 Preserves the tomb of Abu Madyan, an influential Sufi
Sidi Ghanim Mosque [fr]
Mosqué de Sidi Ghanem a Mila.jpg
Mila 678[3] Probably the oldest Mosque in Algeria
Sidi Belhassen Mosque
Mosquée Sidi Bellahcen.JPG
Tlemcen 1290
Sidi Bou Merouane Mosque [fr]
Mosquée Sidi Abû Marwan.jpg
Annaba 1033
Mausoleum of Sidi M'hamed Bou Qobrine
Marabout Sidi M'hamed Alger.jpg
Algiers 1791 Preserves the tomb of Sidi M'hamed Bou Qobrine, the founder of Rahmaniyya Sufi order and one of the seven Patron Saints of Algiers.
Sidi Okba Mosque
Sidi Uqba.JPG
Sidi Okba 686[4]
Sidi Ramadan Mosque
Minaret sidi ramdane.jpg
Algiers 1097
Great Mosque of Tlemcen
Grande mosquee Tlemcen (angle).jpg
Tlemcen 1082
Al-Umma Mosque
Algiers 1951

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