List of people from Brussels

This is a list of notable people from Brussels.

Patroness of Brussels

Political leaders in Brussels

The Belgian Monarchs

The Belgian Monarchs reside in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. They were all born in Brussels (except for Leopold I).

  • Leopold I (1790–1865), the first King of the Belgians
  • Leopold II (1835–1909), the second King of the Belgians
  • Albert I (1875–1934), the third King of the Belgians
  • Leopold III (1901–1983), the fourth King of the Belgians
  • Baudouin (1930–1993), the fifth King of the Belgians
  • Albert II (born 1934; abdicated 2013), the sixth King of the Belgians
  • Philippe (born 1960), the seventh King of the Belgians

Minister-Presidents of Brussels

Governors of Brussels

  • André Degroeve (1995–1998)
  • Raymonde Dury (1998) (resigned)
  • Véronique Paulus de Châtelet (1998)

Mayors of Brussels

Born in Brussels

Following notable people were born in the area today known as the Brussels-Capital Region.





Performance / dance


Painting / sculpture / architecture


Literature / cartoon


Intellectuals / religion



Life and work in Brussels

Following notable people lived or worked in Brussels at least during a certain period of their life.

Brussels as a safe harbor

Brussels was known to be a safe harbor for artists and thinkers facing political (or simply criminal) persecution. This was particularly true during the 19th century, although it was a cause of some debate, and policies were prone to change (e.g. the case of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who were expelled from the city in 1848).


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