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Åland has a multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which a party often has no chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Parties with elected representation at the national or international level

Party 2019

Seats in

Ålandic Centre (Åländsk Center) 9 Centrist and agrarian. Member of ALDE. Leader: Veronica Törnroos
Liberals for Åland (Liberalerna på Åland) 6 Liberal political party. Leader: Katrin Sjögren
Moderate Coalition for Åland (Moderat Samling för Åland) 4 Liberal-conservative. Leader: Annette Holmberg-Jansson
Non-aligned Coalition (Obunden Samling) 4 Conservative, eurosceptic. Leader: Bert Häggblom
Åland Social Democrats (Ålands Socialdemokrater) 3 Social-democratic. Leader: Camilla Gunell
Sustainable Initiative (Hållbart initiativ) 2 Green. Leaders: Alfons Röblom and Annette Bergbo
Future of Åland (Ålands Framtid) 1 Separatist. Member of the European Free Alliance. Leader: Pia Eriksson
Ålandic Democracy (Åländsk Demokrati) 1 Nationalist conservative. Leader: Stephan Toivonen

Former parties

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