List of political parties in Albania

Albania has a multi-party system with two major political parties and a third party that is electorally successful. According to official data from the Central Election Commission, there were a total of 124 political parties listed in the party registry for the year 2014.[1] Only 54 of these parties participated in the 2015 local elections.[2]

Parties represented in the Parliament of Albania

This is a list of political parties with representation in the Albanian parliament following the general parliamentary elections of 2017.

Gray seats represent Vacancies
Logo Name Abbr. Founded Leader Ideology MPs
Partia Socialiste.svg Socialist Party of Albania
Partia Socialiste e Shqipërisë
PS 13 June 1991 Edi Rama Social democracy, Pro-Europeanism
75 / 140
Logo e Partisë Demokratike të Shqipërisë.svg Democratic Party of Albania
Partia Demokratike e Shqipërisë
PD 12 December 1990 Lulzim Basha Liberal conservatism, Conservatism, Nationalism, Pro-Europeanism, Centre-right, Economic liberalism
25 / 140
Logo e Lëvizjes Socialiste për Integrim.svg Socialist Movement for Integration
Lëvizja Socialiste për Intigrim
LSI 6 September 2004 Monika Kryemadhi Social democracy, Progressivism, Centre-left
18 / 140
Partia Drejtësi Integrim Unitet.svg Party for Justice, Integration and Unity
Partia për Drejtësi, Integrim dhe Unitet
PDIU 1 March 2011 Shpëtim Idrizi Nationalism, Right-wing, Ethnic nationalism, Cham issue
3 / 140
Partia Social Demokrate.svg Social Democratic Party of Albania
Partia Socialdemokrate e Shqipërisë
PSD March 1991 Ëngjëll Bejtaj Social democracy, Centre-left
1 / 140

Political parties in Albania (1921–present)

This is a list of noted political parties that have participated in Albania's elections from 1921 to present day.[4]

Abbr. Name Founded Registered Leader
PFSH Albanian Fascist Party 2 June 1939 Tefik Mborja
PPSH Labour Party of Albania
Predecessor of the Socialist Party of Albania
8 November 1941 Enver Hoxha
FDSH Democratic Front of Albania 16 September 1942 Dissolved
KKVLAPSH National Veterans Committee 20 July 1957 Rustem Peçi
PDSH Democratic Party of Albania 12 December 1990 19 December 1990 Lulzim Basha
OMONIA Democratic Union of the Greek Minority 11 January 1991 Dissolved
PAA Environmentalist Agrarian Party
Formerly the Agrarian Party; renamed on 21 July 2003
9 February 1991 Agron Duka
PBDNJ Unity for Human Rights Party 24 February 1991 Vangjel Dule
PUKSH National Unity Party 15 March 1991 Idajet Beqiri
PSDSH Social Democratic Party of Albania 23 April 1991 Skënder Gjinushi
PSSH Socialist Party of Albania 13 June 1991 15 August 1991 Edi Rama
PBSH Green Party of Albania 2 October 1991 Edlir Petanaj
PBK National Front Party
Formerly the Democratic Union of Albania; renamed on 3 April 1993
4 October 1991 Adriatik Alimadhi
PRSH Republican Party of Albania 10 January 1991 10 October 1991 Fatmir Mediu
PDKSH Demochristian Party of Albania
Formerly the Popular Union of Albania; renamed on 11 December 1991
10 October 1991 Nard Ndoka
PLL Legality Movement Party 20 February 1992 Sulejman Gjana
BDSH Democratic Union Party 3 April 1992 Ylber Valteri
BLD Liberal Democratic Union
Formerly the Social Democratic Union; renamed on 13 April 2005
24 January 1995 Arian Starova
——— National Revival Party 28 February 1996 Abdi Baleta
PKSH Communist Party 9 July 1998 Qemal Cicollari
ADK Demochristian Alliance of Albania
Formerly the Social Christian Party; renamed on 25 February 2011
18 July 2000 Zef Bushati
PLMDSH Democratic Monarchist Movement Party 7 March 2001 Guri Durollari
PDR New Democratic Party
Formerly the Democrat Party; renamed on 11 April 2003
16 March 2001 Genc Pollo
PKD Christian Democratic Party
Formerly the Christian Democratic Party of Albania; renamed on 29 March 2013
17 May 2002 Mirela Ferracaku
LZHK Movement for National Development
Formerly the Democratic Renewal Party; renamed on 16 June 2008
17 July 2002 Dashamir Shehi
PDS Social Democracy Party 7 May 2003 Paskal Milo
LSI Socialist Movement for Integration 6 September 2004 Monika Kryemadhi
LDLNJ Movement for Freedom and Human Rights 5 January 2005 Ligoraq Karamelo
AMS List for Natural Albania
Formerly the Alliance for Welfare and Solidarity; renamed on 26 April 2011
15 February 2005 Koço Danaj
——— Road to Freedom Party 3 March 2005 Kurt Kola
LBSH Albanian Green League 21 March 2005 Brixhida Kokëdhima
AMIE Macedonian Alliance for European Integration 8 June 2005 Edmond Themelko
——— Left Front Party
Formerly the Reorganized People's Party; renamed on 14 July 2014
4 July 2007 Marko Dajti
LDK Christian Democratic Union 27 November 2007 Nikoll Lesi
PLiDr Law and Justice Party 17 February 2009 Spartak Ngjela
PSV91 True Socialist Party 91 26 February 2009 Petro Koçi
ADS Alliance for Democracy and Solidarity 3 March 2009 Gaqo Apostoli
G99 G99 7 April 2009 Ervin Mete
LDE Law, Democracy and Ethics Party 25 March 2010 Arjan Galdini
MEGA Ethnic Greek Minority for the Future 21 June 2010 Kristo Kiço
AEE European Ecological Alliance 7 December 2010 Sazan Guri
PDIU Party for Justice, Integration and Unity 1 March 2011 Shpëtim Idrizi
AKZ Red and Black Alliance 21 March 2012 Lumturi Ratkoceri
FRD New Democratic Spirit 20 June 2012 Gazment Oketa
SFIDA Challenge for Albania 11 June 2016 Hektor Ruci
LIBRA Equal List 1 November 2016 Gjergj Prifti
BD Bindja Demokratike 23 April 2019 Astrit Patozi

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