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Andorra has a multi-party system. The party system in Andorra has changed dramatically since the adoption of the new Constitution in 1993. Prior to that, there was no national circumscription in the elections and political parties were essentially limited to parochial outfits.

Current parties

Party Catalan name
Andorra for Change Andorra pel Canvi
Democrats for Andorra Demòcrates per Andorra
Liberal Party of Andorra Partit Liberal d'Andorra
New Centre Nou Centre
Lauredian Union Unió Laurediana
Democratic Renewal Renovació Democràtica
Greens of Andorra Els Verds d'Andorra
Parochial Union of Independents Group Grup d'Unió Parroquial Independents
National Union of Progress Unió Nacional de Progrés
Social Democratic Party Partit Socialdemòcrata
Social Democracy and Progress Socialdemocràcia i Progrés

Defunct parties

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