List of political parties in Gibraltar

This article lists political parties in Gibraltar.

Current parties

Active Gibraltarian parties

Name Abbreviated Political Ideology Political Position UK affiliation Year Founded MPs
Gibraltar Social Democrats GSD Liberal conservatism Centre-right Conservatives 1989 6
Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party GSLP Social democracy Centre-left Labour Party 1978 7
Liberal Party of Gibraltar Libs (or LPG) Liberalism / Social Liberalism Centre-left Liberal Democrats 1991 3
Together Gibraltar TG Progressivism Centre to centre-left N/A 2017 (as a movement)
2018 (as a party)

Active British parties

Defunct parties

Name Abbreviated Political Ideology Political Position Year Founded Year Dissolved Seats won (if applicable)
Progressive Democratic Party PDP Liberal Conservatism / Economic Liberalism Centre-right 2006 2013 -
Gibraltar Labour Party GLP Socialism / Social Democracy Left-wing 2003 2005 -
Gibraltar Reform Party GRP Green Politics / Green Socialism Left-wing 2000 2005 -
Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights AACR Liberalism / Civic Nationalism / Populism Centre-right 1942 1992 7/15 (1969 and 1988); 8/15 (1972, 1976, 1980, 1984)
Democratic Party of British Gibraltar DPBG Conservatism / Integrationism (Britain) Right-wing 1976 1984 4/15 (1976; as the 'GDM'); 6/15 (1980)
Integration with Britain Party IWBP Integrationism (Britain) Right-wing 1967 1976 5/15 (1969); 7/15 (1972)
Commonwealth Party CWP N/A N/A 1956 1957 N/A
Party for the Autonomy of Gibraltar PAG Integrationism (Spain) Right-wing 1977 1980s -

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