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This article lists political parties in Jersey.

  • Jeannot party (Magots) (emerged 1780s)
  • Charlot party (emerged 1780s)
  • Rose party (formerly Jeannots) (formed 1819)
  • Laurel party (formerly Charlots) (formed 1819)
  • Jersey Labour Party (active 1940s)
  • Jersey Progressive Party (active 1940s)
  • Jersey Democratic Movement (active 1940s-1990s)
  • Jersey Green Party (Senator Stuart Syvret;[1] Geraint Jennings[2]) (1980s-2005)
  • Jersey Democratic Alliance (formed 2005)
  • Centre Party (2005-2007)
  • Jersey Conservative Party (formed 2007)
  • Liberal Democrats (Jersey 'Liberal Democrats Abroad' branch formed in November 2011)[3]
  • Reform Jersey (formed as a pressure group in 2012, reconstituted as a political party in 2014)

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