List of political parties in Liechtenstein

This article lists political parties in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein has a two-party system where the two largest political parties—the Patriotic Union (VU) and the Progressive Citizens' Party (FBP)— dominate politics within the Landtag of Liechtenstein, frequently in coalition. There are currently three minor parties represented in the Landtag which form the opposition: The Independents (DU), Democrats for Liechtenstein (DpL) (which split from DU), and the Free List (FL).

Current Parties

Logo Name Abbrev. Ideology Seats
Logo Fortschrittliche Bürgerpartei in Liechtenstein.svg Progressive Citizens' Party
Fortschrittliche Bürgerpartei
FBP National conservatism, Economic liberalism 9
Vaterländische Union Logo.svg Patriotic Union
Vaterländische Union
VU Christian democracy, Liberal conservatism 8
FL Logo.png Free List
Freie Liste
FL Social democracy, Green politics 3
Logo - Demokraten pro Liechtenstein.png Democrats for Liechtenstein
Demokraten pro Liechtenstein
DpL Right-wing populism, economic liberalism, social conservatism, Christian right 3
The Independents (LI) logo.png The Independents
Die Unabhängigen
DU Right-wing populism, Anti-immigration 2

Defunct Parties

Name Abbrev. Ideology Founded Dissolved
Christian Social Party of Liechtenstein
Christlich-Soziale Partei Liechtensteins
CSP Christian democracy 1960 c. 1978
Christian-Social People's Party
Christlich-Soziale Volkspartei
VP Social liberalism 1918 1936
Merged with LHD to form Patriotic Union
German National Movement in Liechtenstein
Volksdeutsche Bewegung in Liechtenstein
VDBL Nazism 1938 1945
Liechtenstein Homeland Service
Liechtensteiner Heimatdienst
LHD Corporate statism 1933 1936
Merged with VP to form Patriotic Union
Non-Party List
Überparteiliche Liste Liechtenstein
ULL 1989 1990
Workers' and Peasants' Party
Partei der Unselbständig Erwerbenden und Kleinbauern
Agrarianism c. 1950 c. 1953

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