List of political parties in Malta

This article lists political parties in Malta. Since World War II, Maltese political culture has developed into a two-party system dominated by the centre-left Labour Party (Maltese: Partit Laburista) and the centre-right Nationalist Party (Maltese: Partit Nazzjonalista). Although other political parties have presented candidates and, in some cases, elected MPs, in most cases these were splinter groups of the main parties and, on the rare occasions when they were successful, this success was short-lived.

Active political parties

Until 2015 there was no law in Malta requiring the registration and regulation of political parties, the General Elections Act made the necessary provisions for party participation in elections but no official list was maintained between elections. The Financing of Political Parties Act, which passed in 2015 and came into effect on 1 January 2016, introduced the requirement for political parties to register themselves with the Electoral Commission and declare all donations in order to be able to field candidates in general elections and European Parliament elections.[1] The Labour Party was the first party to register, on 3 June 2016.[2]

Parliamentary parties

Name Abbrev. Ideology Position House of Representatives MEPs Europarty EP group
Labour Party
Partit Laburista
PL Social democracy, Pro-Europeanism Centre-left
36 / 67
4 / 6
Nationalist Party
Partit Nazzjonalista
PN Christian democracy, Social conservatism, Economic liberalism, Pro-Europeanism Centre-right
28 / 67
2 / 6

Non-parliamentary parties

Name Founded Ideology Europarty
AD+PD 2020 Green politics, Progressivism EGP
Alleanza Bidla c. 2013 Social conservatism, Christian democracy, Euroscepticism ECPM
Brain Not Ego[3] c. 2019[4] N/A
Imperium Europa 2000 Pan-European nationalism, Economic liberalism, Pro-Europeanism, Neo-Nazism, Ultranationalism N/A
Għarb First[3][5]
Għarb l-Ewwel
c. 2019 N/A
Floriana First[3]
Floriana l-Ewwel
c. 2019 N/A
Moviment Patrijotti Maltin 2016 Nationalism, anti-immigration N/A

Defunct and inactive political parties

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