List of political parties in Mongolia

According to Political Party Act (2005), a political party is considered as a union of Mongolian citizens who have consolidated voluntarily with the purpose of organising social, personal and political activities as stated in the Constitution of Mongolia. Political parties must be registered by the Supreme Court of Mongolia.[1]

Current parties

Currently there are 36 political parties officially registered by the Supreme Court.[2]

Parties with MPs in the State Great Khural

Party Seats in
State Great Khural
Party leader Position Ideology
  Mongolian People's Party (MPP, MPRP before 2011) 62 Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh Centre-left Social democracy
  Democratic Party (DP) 11 Sodnomzunduin Erdene Centre-right Liberalism[3]
  Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) 1 Nambaryn Enkhbayar Centre-left[4] to left-wing Social democracy
Resource nationalism[5][6]
National Labour Party

(Right Person Electorate Coalition)

1 Badrakhiin Naidalaa Centre-left Social democracy

Other parties

  • People's Party (Ard Tümnii Nam)
  • Mongolian National Democratic Party (Mongolyn Ündesnii Ardchilsan Nam)
  • Freedom for People Party (Erkh Chölöög Kheregjüülegch Nam)
  • Civil Movement Party (Irgenii Khödölgöönii Nam)
  • Development Program Party (Khögjliin Khötölböriin Nam)
  • Mongolian Democratic Movement Party (Mongolyn Ardchilsan Khödölgöönii Nam)
  • All Mongolian Labor Party (Khamug Mongolyn Khödölmöriin Nam)
  • United Patriots Party (Ekh Oronchdyn Negdsen Nam)
  • Mongol Conservative Party (Mongol Konservativ Nam)
  • Independence and Unity Party (Tusgaar Togtnol, Ev Negdliin Nam)
  • Love the People Party (Ard Tümnee Khairlaya Nam)
  • For the Mongolian People Party (Mongolyn Khünii Tölöö Nam)
  • Truth and Right Party (Ünen ba Zöv Nam)
  • Demos Party (Zon Olny Nam)
  • World Mongols Party (Delkhiin Mongolchuud Nam)
  • People's Majority Governance Party (Ard Tümnii Olonkhiin Zasaglal Nam)
  • Great Harmony Party (Ikh Ev Nam)
  • Ger Area Development Party (Ger Khoroolol Khögjliin nam)
  • My Mongolia Party (Minii Mongol Nam)
  • Mongolian Reform Party (Mongol Shinechlelt Nam)
  • Citizen’s Coalition for Justice Party (Shudarga Irgediin Negdsen Evsel Nam)
  • Democracy and Reforms Party (Ardchilal Shinechleliin Nam)

Defunct parties

Mongolian National Democratic Party


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