List of political parties in North Macedonia

Macedonia has a multi-party system, with numerous parties which must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Parties in the Parliament

Name Main ideology Leader Seats
Social democracy
Social liberalism
Zoran Zaev
39 / 120
Macedonian nationalism
National conservatism
Right-wing populism
Hristijan Mickoski
44 / 120
Liberal Democratic Party Social liberalism
Goran Milevski
2 / 120
Democratic Union Left-wing
Pavle Trajanov
1 / 120
BESA Social conservatism
Albanian minority interests
Bilall Kasami
4 / 120
Democratic Union for Integration Social conservatism
Albanian minority interests
Ali Ahmeti
15 / 120
Alliance for Albanians–Alternative Conservatism
Albanian minority interests
Ziadin Sela
12 / 120
The Left Left-wing populism
Left-wing nationalism
Dimitar Apasiev
2 / 120
Democratic Party of Albanians Albanian minority interests
Menduh Thaçi
1 / 120

Extra-parliamentary parties




  • Turkish Progressive Party (Türk Hareket Partisi/Партија за движење на Турците)
  • Movement for Turkish National Union (Türk Milli Birlik Hareketi/Движење за Турско Национално Единство)
  • Democratic League of Bosniaks (Demokratski Savez Bošnjaka/Демократска Лига на Бошњаците)
  • Union of Roma in Macedonia (Сојуз на Ромите од Македонија)
  • Party for the Full Emancipation of the Roma of Macedonia (Партија за целосна еманципација на Ромите)
  • Democratic Forces of the Roma (Демократски сили на Ромите)
  • Serbian Progressive Party in Macedonia (Srpska Napredna Stranka u Makedoniji/Српска напредна странка во Македонија)
  • Serbian party in Macedonia (Srpska Stranka u Makedoniji/Српска странка во Македонија)

Defunct parties

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