List of political parties in Slovakia

This article lists political parties in Slovakia. Slovakia has a democratic multi-party system with numerous political parties, established after the fall of communism in 1989 and shaped into the present form with Slovakia's independence in 1993. Since 1989 there has been altogether 236 registered political parties in the country, 61 are active as of March 2012.[1]

In the Slovak political system usually no one party has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments, an exception being the parliamentary elections in 2012.

Active political parties

Parliamentary parties

Logo Name Abbr. Est. Ideology Leader MPs MEPs

Ordinary People and Independent Personalities
Obyčajní ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti
New Majority[2]
Nová väčšina
Christian Union
Kresťanská Únia
Change from below
Zmena zdola
OĽaNO–NOVA–ZMENA ZDOLA–KÚ 2011 Centre-right;
Christian democracy, Social conservatism, Pro-Europeanism
Igor Matovič (OĽaNO)
Gábor Grendel (NOVA)
Anna Záborská (KÚ)
53 1
SMER-SD logo 2020.png Direction – Social Democracy
Smer – sociálna demokracia
SMER–SD 1999 Centre-left;
Social democracy, Social patriotism, Left-wing nationalism
Robert Fico 26 3
We Are Family – Boris Kollár
SME RODINA – Boris Kollár
Sme rodina 2015 Right-wing;
National conservatism, Euroscepticism
Boris Kollár 17 0
Freiheit und Solidarität (SaS) Logo.svg Freedom and Solidarity
Sloboda a Solidarita
SaS 2009 Centre-right;
Liberalism, Euroscepticism
Richard Sulík 13 2
Logo of the For the People (political party).svg For the People
ZA ĽUDÍ 2019 Centre to Centre-right;
Catch-all, Big tent, Liberalism
Veronika Remišová 10 0
HLAS - SD logo.png Voice – Social Democracy
HLAS – sociálna demokracia
HLAS-SD 2020 Centre-left;
Social democracy, Pro-Europeanism
Peter Pellegrini 11 0
Logo - Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko - People's Party Our Slovakia.svg People's Party – Our Slovakia
Ľudová strana – Naše Slovensko
ĽSNS 2010 Far-right;
Neo-fascism, Neo-Nazism, Hard Euroscepticism
Marian Kotleba 9 1
Hnutie Republika.png Movement Republic
Hnutie Republika
REPUBLIKA 2002 Right-wing;
Slovak nationalism, Right-wing populism
Milan Uhrík 5 0
Christian Democracy – Life and Prosperity – Alliance for Slovakia
Kresťanská demokracia – Život a prosperita – Aliancia za Slovensko
KDŽP 2019 Right-wing;
Christian right, National conservatism
Tomas Taraba 3 0
Progresivne slovensko logo.png
Logo — Strana SPOLU.svg

Progressive Slovakia
Progresívne Slovensko
TOGETHER – Civic Democracy
SPOLU – Občianska demokracia
PS–SPOLU 2017 Centre-right to centre-left;

Social liberalism, Liberal conservatism

Irena Bihariová (PS)
Juraj Hipš (SPOLU)
0 4
KDH Logo.svg Christian Democratic Movement
Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie
KDH 1990 Centre-right;
Christian democracy, Social conservatism
Milan Majerský 0 2

Extra-parliamentary parties

Name Founded Leader Misc.
Most-Híd 2009 Béla Bugár
Democratic Party 2006 Michal Kravčík
Hungarian forum 2019 Zsolt Simon
Slovak National Party 1989 Andrej Danko
Good Choice 2019 Tomáš Drucker
Socialists.sk 2019 Eduard Chmelár
Homeland 2019 Štefan Harabin
99 Percent – Civic Voice 2011 Ivan Weiss Affiliated with the NGO OZ Občan v akci
Agrarian Countryside Party 2003 Vladimír Gozora
Slovak Democratic Alliance 2010 Miroslav Lupták
European Democratic Party 2006 Antonio Parziale
Movement for Democracy 2002 Jozef Grapa The party split from the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
United Slovakia 2000 Štefan Gavorník
Communist Party of Slovakia 1991 Jozef Hrdlička The party has not been represented in parliament since 2006
Conservative Democrats of Slovakia 2008-2014 Vladimír Palko The party split from Christian Democratic Movement
Christian People's Party 1998 Jozef Fibich
Liberal Party 2003 Gustáv Krajči Formerly People's Union, the party split from the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS).
People's Party 1995 Magdaléna Sulanová
Magnificat Slovakia 2012 Anton Selecký The party is affiliated with the Christian NGO OZ Magnificat Slovakia.
Nation and Justice – Our Party 2011 Anna Belousovová The party split from Slovak National Party (SNS), until 2011 it was named Nation and Justice.
Our Region 2010 Ľuba Kráľová
Independent Forum 1998 Tomáš Černý
New Slovak Alternative, Civic-Liberal Party 2008 Pavol Krišpinský
New Democracy 2009 Tibor Mikuš The party split from the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
New Parliament 2005 Jozef Behýl
Civic Conservative Party 2001 Peter Zajac
Civic Party TODAY 2011 Branislav Král
Civic Liberals 2004 Rastislav Guľaša
Ordinary People 2005 Víťazoslav Moric
Paliho Kapurková, Cheerful Political Party 2010 Pavel Vass
Law and Justice 2011 Peter Puškár
Prosperity of Slovakia 2005 František Alexander Zvrškovec
We are Doing It for the Children - Free Forum 2004-2016 Zuzana Martináková The party split from the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union
Roma initiative of Slovakia 1996 Alexander Patkoló Until 2000 the party was named Roma Intelligence for Co-Habitation in the Slovak Republic
Freedom 1998 Tomáš Pekný
Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party 2000 Milan Roman
Slovak People's Party 1990 Jozef Sásik From 1994 to 1995 the party was named SĽS - Slovak People's Bloc
Modern Slovak Society 2001 Ján Garai
Slovak National Unity 1991 Stanislav Pánis
Party +1 Vote 2009 Martin Kuruc
Party of the Democratic Left 2005-2015 Marek Blaha
Party of Modern Slovakia 2008 Milan Urbáni The party split from the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
Party of Slovak Citizens 2011 Peter Marček
Party of Patriots 2010 František Jašík
Labor Party 1991 Anton Čapkovič The party is active only in Košice and surrounding areas.
Party of the Hungarian Community 1998 József Menyhárt
Party of the Roma Coalition 2009 Gejza Adam
Party of the Roma Union in Slovakia 2010 František Tanko
Idea 2001-2011 Miroslav Leňo The party was named 'Alliance of the New Citizen' until 2011 and 'Free Word Party of Nora Mojsejová' until 2013
Green Party 1991 Peter Pilinský Until 2006 the party was named Slovak Green Party
Slovak Green Party 2006 Martin Čulen
Union of the Slovak Self-Employed 2004 Vladimír Krivjaník
Dawn 2005 Ivan Hopta The party split from the Communist Party of Slovakia.
RESISTANCE - Party of Work 2014 Stanislav Pirošík A Marxist–Leninist party, member of ICOR
Union of the Workers of Slovakia 1994 Ján Ľupták Part of the government between 1994 and 1998, split from the Party of the Democratic Left
Green Wave 2009 Mário Mikloši
Greens 2009 Pavel Hraško The party was founded as AZEN - Alliance for the Europe of Nations
Greens - Party of National Prosperity 1990 Rudolf Pardubský Until 2006 the party was named Party of National Prosperity
United Slovak National Party 2003 Peter Lisý Until 2004 the party was named Unitary Slovak National Party
Change from the Bottom, Democratic Union of Slovakia 2000 Ján Budaj

Inactive and cancelled political parties

Parties in liquidation

There are dozens of political parties currently in the process of being liquidated.

Defunct parties (1989 – present)

Political parties in Slovakia (1948–1989)

Political parties in Slovakia (1945–1948)

Political parties in Slovakia (1939–1945)

Hlinka's Slovak People's Party – Party of Slovak National Unity (HSĽS–SSNJ) - between 1913/1918 and 1945, after 1925 known as Hlinka's Slovak People's Party. The party was led by Slovak priest Andrej Hlinka (1913–1938) and ended with the hanging of the WWII Slovak leader Jozef Tiso (1938–1945).

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  2. ^ NOVA ran thirty-four candidates on the OĽaNO list in the 2016 elections.

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