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Active parties

At the 2001 election for the House of Keys, the Labour Party polled 17.3% of the vote and won 2 seats. The vast majority of seats at every election are won by independent candidates with no allegiance to any parties. At the 2006 election for the House of Keys, the newly formed Liberal Vannin Party won 2 seats: Onchan with Peter Karran and Douglas South with Bill Malarky. In 2007 they were also represented in local government gaining two seats in by elections. The Isle of Man Green Party was officially formed in August 2016 but chose not to endorse any candidates for the September 2016 general election.

Political pressure groups

Mec Vannin, although an electoral party in its early years (several MHKs are ex-members) has evolved into a quasi-pressure group.

Defunct parties

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